Due to the coronavirus crisis, the German Cup Final 2020 has been postponed to 4 July 2020. It will take place in Berlin as usual and will be broadcast live and free of charge by ARD or Das Erste. As long as you are in Germany, you can simply watch the German Cup Final 2020 on TV. Streaming via the website of Das Erste is of course also possible without any problems.

However, it is more difficult if you are not in Germany. Although the German Cup Final is broadcast by a public broadcaster, it is still subject to geoblocking when streaming. This means that you cannot watch the match from outside Germany. Through your IP address, the broadcaster determines in which country you are located. If it is a country with no licence for transmission, your stream will be blocked. Instead of Bayer vs. Bayern live you might see a message that the content you are trying to watch is blocked.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Geoblocking can be dealt with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but it must be a good one. NordVPN (big discounts NOW)*, for example, is known to successfully circumvent geoblocking. Many VPN providers are on blacklists and cannot circumvent geoblocking. Only the best VPN providers with large networks can do this.

Bypass Geoblocking — watch the German Cup Final 2020 live and for free

NordVPN not only bypasses Das Erste live, but also the ARD Mediathek, many Netflix regions (including Netflix US) as well as BBC iPlayer and Zattoo Switzerland. In contrast to Germany, Zattoo Switzerland also offers you access to itv and BBC.

The good news is that ARD uses a less aggressive geoblocking technology then Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This means that several VPNs should be able to bypass the geographical blocking and unblock the German Cup Final 2020. But why take a risk when excellent services are available at low cost.

  • Get NordVPN*, Surfshark* or PIA*
  • Install the VPN on your device. All three vendors mentioned here support Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. They also offer extensions for Firefox and Chrome.
  • Connect to a server in Germany.
  • Watch the German Cup Final 2020 live and for free via live stream of Das Erste.

It’s really so easy and works — I have already watched the semi-final Bayern Munich vs.- Eintracht Frankfurt that way.

It will be an exciting game

Bayern Munich has become German Champion for the 8th time in a row. Simultaneously it is the 30th German championship that the club could get from Munich. After the coronavirus break, the Munich team got off to an excellent start. There were small stumbles, but the others had even bigger ones. After the restart, the Munich team managed to increase their points to runner-up Dortmund in the end.

Bayer Leverkusen came fifth in the season just finished. Qualification in the Champions League was still possible until the last match day, but no longer in their hands. Since Gladbach won, the Leverkusen team has to play in the Europa League.

In any case, we can look forward to a duel between two teams that have qualified for international tournaments. Favourite in the German Cup Final 2020 is Bayern Munich. However, as we all know, the cup has its laws and it’s just one game. If Bayer Leverkusen has a good day and Bayern Munich has a bad one, the cup could well go to the Rhineland.

Where can you watch the German Cup Final 2020

As already mentioned, ARD, or more precisely Das Erste, will broadcast the match live. You can watch the German Cup Final 2020 free of charge via the live stream, provided you unlock the geoblocking.

Further options are portals that also offer Das Erste as a live stream. This makes Zattoo, among others, an alternative. Since the game is not broadcast on a private channel, you can also use Zattoo Germany. Otherwise, I would always recommend Zattoo Switzerland because on Swiss TV there is also Formula 1 for free and withoout adverts.

Which VPNs are suitable

As also already mentioned, any VPN is suitable, with which you can bypass the geoblocking of the ARD. Even with the best VPNs it can happen that individual servers end up on so-called blacklists. In this case you should disconnect your VPN connection and use another server in Germany. This usually solves the problem with good VPN providers.

In very rare cases you will have to find and configure a server manually. But this is the absolute exception and has never happened to me at ARD or Das Erste.

Below are a few VPN providers that are guaranteed to work and their advantages.

North VPN for the German Cup Final 2020

NordVPN is a very universal VPN. The price-performance ratio is great and the provider is known to unlock many streaming portals. This is especially true for those with strong geographical barriers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.

The ARD or Das Erste are not match for NordVPN. So, it is no problem at all to watch the German Cup Final 2020 between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich live and free of charge. As I said, I have already streamed the semi-final with it. The provider runs over 5000 servers in about 60 countries and has several hundred servers in Germany.

Of course there are no bandwidth limits and you can enjoy the football game to the fullest even if there is an extra time.

Besides the OpenVPN, NordVPN also offers the new VPN protocol WireGuard in all clients. In speed tests WireGuard has proven to be consistently faster than OpenVPN. But even the established VPN protocol provides sufficient speed to stream the German Cup Final 2020 — so don’t worry.

Another feature called SmartPlay also helps to bypass geoblocking. It automatically unlocks popular streaming websites.

If you have problems with geoblocking, you can contact support. They are available 24/7 via live chat. The staff is friendly and can safely tell you a server where you can stream the DFB Cup Final 2020.

CybeSec against annoying advertising

One incredibly good feature is CyberSec, NordVPN’s integrated ad blocker, which also protects against trackers, malware and phishing.

CyberSec protects against harmful websites and removes annoying ads
CyberSec protects against harmful websites and removes annoying ads

The function is deactivated by default. The reason? Not all websites and services work with it. If you want to use the ad blocker, activate it yourself. Just remember CyberSec in case one or the other website causes problems.

CyberSec is included in all clients of NordVPN. The service provides apps for Android, Linux, macOS, Windows and iOS. There are also add-ons for the browsers Firefox and Chrome as well as chromium derivatives like Brave*.

The Linux client is a command line program, but it works very well and offers all important functions that can also be found in the graphical apps. This includes kill switches, CyberSec and whitelists. Important at this point is that the CLI client also works on the Raspberry Pi. So you can build your own VPN router with relatively little effort. Usage on a router is allowed.

The provider allows 6 simultaneous connections. That is pretty good. An own VPN router counts as 1 connection and you can connect as many devices as you want. Another advantage is that you can also connect devices to it for which there is no separate VPN client. Smart TVs, certain game consoles and also Chromecasts are examples.

NordVPN also allows torrents and file sharing aka P2P. Dedicated servers are available for this.

Just test it and watch the German Cup Final 2020

Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test the VPN thoroughly. The provider will not put any obstacles in your way so that you can get your money back. Just contact the 24/7 support and ask for a refund. For longer-term subscriptions, the service does not cost more than one beer per month.

Test NordVPN risk free*

The provider also operates stealth servers. These are disguised servers that work in countries with VPN locks. Popular examples are China and Russia, but the VPN also works well in Egypt.

Surfshark – unlimited simultaneous connections

The VPN provider Surfshark offers something few of the competition can match. The provider allows unlimited simultaneous connections. You can protect as many devices as you want with the VPN. This is ideal if you have a large family or many devices. It’s impossible to say exactly how long this offer will last — it won’t be forever.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Since the provider is relatively new on the market, you get the service very cheap.

Surfshark — really affordable*

I have made excellent experiences with Surfshark to unlock geographically blocked content of the ARD. It should be no problem to watch the German Cup Final 2020 with Surfshark.

Surfshark offers very fancy clients for all popular operating systems. This includes Android, Windows, macOS and iOS. For Linux there is a command line client, but it is not as convenient as the one from NordVPN. The graphical clients are very user-friendly.

Watch the German Cup final 2020 on any device
Watch the German Cup Final 2020 on any device

You may also use Surfshark on a router if you want to. This has the advantage that you save the setup of clients on other devices.

The VPN provider allows torrents, P2P / file sharing on all servers.

With CleanWeb ad-free Internet

The ad blocker of Surfshark contained in the client is called CleanWeb. It works well and also protects against malware, phishing and other cyber threats. Similar to CyberSec and for the same reasons it is not activated by default.

Surfshark: CleanWeb and Whitelister
Surfshark: CleanWeb and Whitelister

Another nice feature of Surfshark is Split Tunneling. Parts of your internet traffic will pass through the VPN and others will not. You can decide which apps should run through the Virtual Private Network and which not. Experiment with this feature if some services and websites do not work properly.

Surfshark currently uses OpenVPN as VPN protocol and IKEv2/IPsec as default. The NoBorders mode of the provider is the stealth mode. This allows the VPN to work even in restrictive countries or in countries where VPNs are blocked.

Private Internet Access – great Linux client

PIA or Private Internet Access is a provider that operates a big network with servers in Germany. The provider must also be praised for his great Linux client. It is almost identical to the Windows client. Of course PIA also supports macOS, Android and iOS. A use on routers is allowed. PIA allows the use on 10 simultaneous devices.

The provider offers the VPN protocols OpenVPN and also WireGuard — on all devices. You can set in the client which protocol you want to use.

Watch the German Cup Final 2020 with WireGuard
Watch the German Cup Final 2020 with WireGuard

If you connect to a server in Germany, both protocols are fast enough to stream the German Cup Final 2020.

PIA for the German Cup Final*

You can test in advance which option is more suitable for you.

Torrents allowed

PIA allows torrents and file sharing activities / P2P on all servers. In the client itself you will find many more useful features.

PIA MACE is the provider’s ad blocker, which is also not active by default. Furthermore, there is a split tunneling feature, which is very useful from time to time.

By the way, a SOCKS5-Proxy is also included in the PIA package. The service can also bypass censorship and works good in countries where VPNs are actually blocked.

Have fun watching the German Cup Final 2020

Now you know some excellent options how to watch the German Cup Final 2020 — Bayer Leverkusen vs. Bayern Munich.

If you are not in Germany, you can unlock the livestream from ARD or Das Erste with one of the VPNs mentioned here. The game will definitely be geoblocked and only the best VPNs can bypass it.

Here are the good news: High quality VPNs are no longer expensive and offer many advantages.