How do I Protect Myself From Ransomware? Basics Ransomware is one of the most profitable and fast-growing forms of malware, accounting for over 10% of security breaches in 2021. Ransomware will typically infect a victim's device after being mistakenly downloaded through malicious links, email attachments, and downloads or from exploiting software and system security vulnerabilities. After infection, ransomware will discreetly work in the… Read more »
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What are the Best Torrent Websites for Games in 2022? Basics Torrenting games comes with a variety of benefits. Most of all, it means you can play a game without paying for it. Although this is many users’ motivation for heading to torrent websites, there are still other benefits that come from torrenting games. Even though getting anything for free is always welcome, it can end… Read more »
How to Stop Bandwidth Throttling using a VPN Basics Bandwidth throttling refers to when an ISP (Internet Service Provider) deliberately slows down a user's connection speeds, resulting in slower page loading times, buffering, and lag. Bandwidth throttling can occur for several reasons, with the most common being to reduce network congestion and prevent server overloads. Another reason for having your bandwidth throttled is due… Read more »
10 Malware Statistics You Should Be Aware of Basics Malicious software, referred to as malware, is software that has been designed with the intent to harm, exploit, or cause disruption to devices, servers, and networks. Malware is hidden in links, emails, files, programs, apps, and software and has been planted by cybercriminals to take over devices, track user activity, delete files, spread additional malware,… Read more »
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