VPN Tests — Can you trust them? I use the technology daily!

Hot tip: Beware of malware regarding coronavirus tickers! It’s better to create your own coronavirus ticker with Python. That is easier as it sounds!

Are you stuck in your home office right now? I would recommend using a VPN.

Are you searching the best VPN for Linux? I have some suggestions for you

Is a VPN test really honest or not? That’s hard to tell. But I just want to assure you:

I use the technology VPN daily to protect my privacy, my data and my devices! With a Virtual Private Network the silly geoblocking is also no problem anymore.

I just don’t claim I have tested 1876,43 different VPNs and know absolutely everything about them. But I can advise you on stuff that I use daily and I know it works. How does that sound? That’s much better than the usual VPN test you find on the Internet, isn’t it?

I even built my own VPN router using a Raspberry Pi. It’s actually quite simple. Now I can connect my Chromecast, Smart TV and so on the VPN as well! Great stuff! With a VPN router you can even throttle the Internet speed and control the bandwidth usage.

NordVPN – Big Discount NOW!*

I use NordVPN most of the time especially NordLynx. That is the WireGuard implementation (at the moment only for Linux) of the VPN provider. It is faster than OpenVPN as speed tests show.

If you are interested in WireGuard you can set up a server yourself. It works great with a Raspberry Pi. Interested? I show you how to — step by step.

Quick start to the world of VPNs

If you want to dive very fast into the world of VPNs check out some basics to the topic.

I need a cheap VPN — any tips?

Some say that cheap and affordable are two different things. Therefore, you should look for a VPN that is not only cheap but also trustworthy! Good news! I have the perfect solution for you!

What is a VPN and why do I need one?

You protect your privacy with a VPN or Virtual Private Network and browse the Internet anonymous. Another benefit is that you beat censorship and circumvent geoblocking. You find all details in my basics article about VPNs.

What are those VPN protocols I have read about? Is there a difference?

Yes! VPN protocols are responsible for the safe transportation of your data. Some are faster some are more secure. Some are a good compromise. Open Source or proprietary? Most providers use the OpenVPN protocol as default. Interested? In this post I tell you everything about VPN protocols.

What is a kill switch? Do I need one?

A kill switch protects your privacy and keeps you anonymous. I explain everything in this article.

Why is the IP address important for a VPN?

Your IP address can expose a lot of you. A VPN hides your IP address and protects your data. I explain in detail here.

What is DNS and how does it work?

If you say IP address you also need to say DNS or Domain Name System. It’s not that complicated but can be used for censorship. More details here.

It’s better to trust a geek with technology and not marketing, right?

What makes this VPN website different? It’s not about VPN test?

I know there are plenty of VPN sites on the market, and they all claim they know everything about all the different VPN providers on earth and have tested them all extensively. How trustworthy is that? How can one person know how good a few hundred VPNs work?

What they basically do is listing the features the VPN providers have on their websites. Sure they test this and that, but they probably know less than they make you think.

My main operating system is Linux. Therefore, I only use VPNs that work well on Linux and offer a client for my OS. Most providers have very poor support for Linux. The ones that support Linux properly work exceptionally well on other operating systems like Android, macOS, Windows and iOS — trust me on that one. I don’t need to test 150 different VPNs. I just know what works because I use it and taught many people on different operating systems how to use a VPN.

So, do you want to rely on a VPN test or do you trust somebody that uses the technology every single day? (That’ll be me)

How come you teach a lot of people?

Well, I am a freelancer and quite a bit on the road. In hotels, at airports, in Airbnbs and in countries with censorship you need a VPN. Basically you should rely on a VPN as soon as you are out of your trusted network. I talk about public hotspots, free Wi-Fi access points and the like. You never know where the next hacker sits and in those days you need to protect your devices.

A VPN establishes a secure tunnel. Your real IP address is hidden and prying eyes (ISP / governments) can no longer see what you are doing.
A VPN establishes a secure tunnel. Your real IP address is hidden and prying eyes (ISP / governments) can no longer see what you are doing.

Furthermore, you want to protect your privacy and keep anonymous while browsing the web. There are many cyber threats lurking on the Internet. Advertisers want to collect your data for profit and so on. Data is the new gold and there are many reasons to protect your sensitive data.