In a digital age where privacy, security, and freedom of speech is more important than ever, you need a VPN to protect yourself. By using this powerful tool, you’re doing your part in the fight against restriction and regulation on the internet.

Whether you’re a Windows, Linux, or phone user, there’s a VPN out there that’s perfectly suited to your needs! We can even show you how to use your Raspberry Pi as a VPN router!

You might be thinking ‘is a VPN really worth all the hype’? Our answer is absolutely! Take a look at just a few of the key benefits of using a VPN – 

Watch geo-blocked content

You’re probably familiar with the frustrating error message – “This content is unavailable in your country” that can appear when you try to stream a geo-blocked movie, TV show, or YouTube video

With a VPN, you can spoof your location and access any geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world. Enjoy exclusive content from Netflix, Fox, Peacock, and other popular streaming services. We’ll also show you how to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on all your devices, including streaming devices such as Chromecast

Sports fans rejoice! As you can stream all your favourite matches, races, and tournaments from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s the FIFA World Cup, Premier League, MotoGP, ICC T20, or Super Bowl, we’ve got you covered!

Stay safe on the web 

Join us as we reveal how to protect your privacy and browse the web truly anonymously!

Additionally, find out how to avoid security risks when using public WiFi, prevent malware, and steer clear of phishing attempts.  

Avoid online censorship

Online censorship refers to the control of what can be published and accessed on the internet. ISPs can suppress news, discussions, and opinions, which poses a serious risk to the right to free expression online. Using a VPN, you can circumvent blocking methods that have been inflicted by your ISP. 

Learn how to overcome censorship in countries with heavy internet restrictions such as Iran, Belarus, Egypt, Turkey, and Ukraine

For the latest news, tips, and reviews, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at VPN-expert, our goal is to educate you, our audience, and help you to protect yourself online! We write honest reviews, helpful how-tos, and proven tricks, to ensure you make the most of your VPN. 

We also uncover secrets that can drastically improve your online experience such as how to remove all ads and surf the web faster

With us, you can instantly begin your journey toward a safer and more transparent internet. 

Still not sure what a VPN is? Here you can discover the basics of a VPN, what it does, and how it works!

Enter the World of Web Hosting 

The opportunities that arise from hosting your own website are limitless. Whether you want to start a small blog, a personal portfolio, a nonprofit, or a large eCommerce business, hosting a website is the perfect place to start. 

Not sure what web hosting is? Check out our list of common web hosting questions and answers and discover what to consider before choosing a web host

Whether you want to optimise speed, SEO, or even if you’re a complete beginner, we have a selection of carefully researched and tested hosting providers that can satisfy your web hosting needs. 

We’ll also fill you in on the different types of web hosting solutions and discuss which is best for your website. Both Windows and Linux users will find a suitable host that supports their OS. 

Let us help you to increase your online accessibility, build a brand, and make a profit by hosting your own website today!

Get started by learning more about us at VPN-expert and our story!

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