Our mission at VPN-expert is to provide you with a hassle-free, transparent, and unrestricted online experience.

Around the world, millions of people every day are being censored by their government, tracked by their ISP, and blocked from watching online content. We’re here to change that!

Just like you, we regularly face issues such as geo-restrictions and online censorship ourselves, which is why we’ve decided to use VPNs every day! Thanks to revolutionary VPN technology, our devices are protected against malware and we can enjoy a safe, ad-free, private, and limitless internet experience! 

If you’re looking for tips, buying guides, advice, reviews, and how-tos on all things technology, then you’ve come to the right place. We thoroughly research hundreds of products to ensure we recommend nothing but the best, so you can confidently choose the right one for your needs. 

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We started VPN-expert to deliver freedom, control, and knowledge to our audience. Join us as we help improve your life on the internet!

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Learn a little about the writers who are delivering top-quality tech content at VPN-expert!

Heather – Fueled by her passion for technology, Heather aims to educate readers on cybersecurity, gaming, and web hosting, among other hot topics. With detailed guides, reviews, tutorials, and best practises, Heather ensures that you gain the appropriate knowledge to take full advantage of advanced software! 

Guy – As a digital nomad who regularly travels around the world, Guy loves to make the most of visiting different countries. Whether it’s saving money on flights, bypassing government censorship, or watching geo-blocked content online, Guy can offer you expert tips and secret tricks!  

Patrick – Sports enthusiast, Patrick, enjoys streaming football matches, motorbike races, world championships, and anything in between. He’ll let you know how to unblock popular streaming channels so you too can enjoy watching live sporting events from the comfort of your home!

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