All 4 (channel 4) is a live and on-demand streaming service that’s exclusively available to UK residents. Unfortunately, due to licensing agreements, All 4 is unable to be streamed from any country other than the UK.

So if you’re on holiday abroad, you can’t watch any channel 4 content as the website and app will detect that you’re not accessing their services from a UK IP address. Luckily there is an easy workaround for this problem through the use of a VPN. Here is how to watch channel 4 from anywhere using a VPN.

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How to watch Channel 4 from anywhere quick guide

Short on time? Follow this simple guide to find out how to access Channel 4 from anywhere in 2022!

  1. Choose A VPN

    You’ll want a VPN that has many UK servers and fast speeds. Read below to see our list of recommended VPNs.

  2. Install app or client

    Usually, VPN clients have a clean and easy-to-use interface. It’s good to navigate around the client for a little while to get an idea of all its available features.

  3. Select A UK Server

    You should find a long list of servers in the VPN client. You just need to select one that is located in the UK. Now your IP address will be completely hidden and replaced with a new one. 

  4. Head to the Channel 4 (All4) app or website

    All you need to do now is log into the app and watch all your favourite channel 4 content from anywhere in the world!

Why do I need a VPN to watch Channel 4 from anywhere?

As channel 4 is made unavailable to anyone outside the UK, they can detect where you’re trying to access their website or app from and if you’re not located within the UK you will be blocked from their content. Your IP address lets all websites you visit determine your location and refuse you access if it goes against any of their licensing or censorship agreements. 

This is where VPNs come in. A VPN hides your IP address and lets you borrow a new one from any of your provider’s available servers. If you select a server that’s located within the UK then you can trick websites into thinking that you’re actually there. This means that when you’re traveling abroad you’ll still be able to watch the same content as you did in the UK.

More importantly, the value of VPNs doesn’t stop at geo-blocking. Especially when you’re abroad, your security and privacy are at significant risk of cyberattacks. VPNs will encrypt your data so your online activity and other important details are hidden and out of reach of hackers and third parties. You’ll also be able to surf the web completely anonymously knowing that you’re safe from malware and intrusive pop-up ads.

Our top recommended best VPNs for watching Channel 4 from anywhere

To be able to watch All 4 abroad, you need a VPN that has servers based in the UK. It’s best if they have a good selection in case any of the servers don’t work for whatever reason. You’ll also want to opt for a provider that has fast server speeds so you can watch channel 4 content in high quality without any annoying lag or buffering.

Since you’re aboard, it also helps to have a VPN that provides robust security and privacy features. You want to ensure that your personal information is kept safe while you enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Different VPNs all offer unique features that may be more suited to some users than others depending on their lifestyle and online habits. Here is a list of our top recommended VPNs for watching channel 4 abroad.


Offering the best speeds and security features, NordVPN is a top-class choice for watching geo-blocked content from streaming services such as All 4. They have thousands of servers globally, hundreds of which are based in the UK, so you’ll have plenty of choice.

Speed aside, NordVPN’s security is what pushes it to the top of the VPN market. With military-grade encryption and additional features such as a kill switch, split tunneling support, and DNS leak protection, you can be sure that your data is completely secure. NordVPN also has obfuscated servers that bypass VPN-blocking firewalls and conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN.

NordVPN has a no-logs policy which means they never collect or monitor any of your browsing activity. So you’ll be safe, anonymous, and entertained when using NordVPN to watch channel 4 content aboard.

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For impressive features at a more than reasonable price, Surfshark is the way to go. Their servers are fast enough to stream All 4 content and you can also stream with an unlimited number of devices at once which is perfect for those traveling in larger groups.

You’ll also be safely protected by Surfshark’s range of security features on top of their military-grade encryption. This provider offers a multi-hop option that routes your traffic through two servers rather than just one, ensuring an extra layer of protection. Their no-logs policy also shows that they don’t keep tabs on any of your online activity.

Surfshark is an excellent choice overall for travelers who want to watch All 4 abroad and their subscription prices are cheaper than most of the top VPNs. With Surfshark you’ll have dependable server speeds and extra security in an affordable subscription package.

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For an easy-to-use app and a high-speed streaming experience, this provider is a fantastic choice. They have a wide selection of servers all over the world (UK included) and these servers produce lightning-fast speeds for streaming content in HD.

ExpressVPN also has superb security features such as DNS/IPv6 leak protection, split tunnelling support, and a kill switch, all on top of its 256-bit AES encryption. You’ll be completely undetectable when browsing the web as even ExpressVPN doesn’t trace or record any of your online activity.

The ExpressVPN app and client are easy to set up and compatible with most operating systems and devices including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can connect up to 5 of these devices at once. 

Overall, ExpressVPN is another reliable choice for when you want to watch channel 4 content abroad. You’ll have all the necessary security features and speeds to stream HD content without encountering any connection issues, so you can stay up to date with all the latest channel 4 shows.

A VPN can help make you feel right at home as you can stay safe and protected when watching your favourite UK content from anywhere in the world. VPNs not only bypass All 4 geo-restrictions, but they also unblock other exclusive UK streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and NowTV, so you can enjoy all the same content as you would back home.

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