ServusTV is a popular TV station that’s based in the Austrian state of Salzburg. This station regularly streams thousands of shows ranging from sports and news to documentaries and talk shows. There’s even a 24/7 hour live stream that users can tune into at any time. As beloved as ServusTV is, unfortunately, the streaming service is only available from within Austria. This means that users from other countries are unable to access or stream any exclusive content. 

If you want to bypass geoblocking and watch ServusTV from anywhere in the world, then you need a VPN. Using a VPN you can spoof your location and freely access the exclusive streaming service from outside of Austria. Keep reading to discover how to bypass ServusTV geoblocking using a VPN in 2023 and find out the best VPN for the job!

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How to bypass ServusTV geoblocking quick guide

Short on time? Find out how to quickly bypass ServusTV geoblocking using a VPN!

  1. Choose a VPN

    You need a VPN with a large network of servers (including some in Austria), fast connection speeds, and robust security features. We highly recommend CyberGhost and you can find out why further in this article!

  2. Install app/client

    After you’ve decided on a VPN, download and install the app or client on any devices you want to stream ServusTV from. Next, open up the app/client to see a list of available servers.

  3. Connect to a server

     You can connect to any server that’s located in Austria. There should be a menu in the VPN interface that shows all available countries. Your IP address will be hidden and temporarily replaced by the servers’.

  4. Start streaming

    Now you can head to the ServusTV app or website and start streaming all their content for free from anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

Top tip – If you are still having trouble unblocking ServusTV then try clearing your browser’s cache and reconnecting to a different Austrian server!

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Why do I need a VPN to bypass ServusTV geoblocking?

ServusTV and other streaming services use IP addresses to identify where users are located and to block them accordingly. Your IP address is a unique string of numbers that are assigned to you by your ISP and allows your device to communicate with others when connected to the internet. Everyone’s IP address is shared with all websites and apps they visit along with their exact location. 

So, when you head to the ServusTV app or website, the service can tell whether or not you’re located in Austria. If they detect that you’re based outside of their designated broadcasting area then they can block your access and restrict you from streaming their content. This is known as geoblocking and affects users from all around the world. Most streaming services use geoblocking in some way or another including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, SRF, and Disney Plus.

The only way to bypass geoblocking is by spoofing your location and tricking websites into thinking you’re accessing their content from a country where they are licensed to broadcast content. To spoof your location, you need a VPN. When you connect to a VPN server, your traffic is encrypted in a secure tunnel and travels through the server before reaching your desired website or app. 

As your traffic is rerouted, the VPN server will act as the source of your traffic and replace your IP address with its own. So, when you connect to a VPN server and visit a website, they will see the server’s IP address rather than yours. With this knowledge, you can connect to a VPN server that’s located in a different country and appear to be based wherever the server is. In this case, if you want to access ServusTV, then you just need to connect to a VPN server that’s located in Austria. After connecting, you can trick ServusTV into thinking you’re accessing their content from within Austria which enables you to bypass the service’s goeblocking and watch all their available TV shows and live streams. It really is as simple as that! 

What is the best VPN for bypassing ServusTV geoblocking?

If you want to bypass ServusTV geoblocking to stream content from outside of Austria then you need a VPN with Austrian-based servers, fast connection speeds, and additional security features. With this in mind, here is our top recommended VPN that we believe is best suited for bypassing ServusTV geoblocking.


CyberGhost is a reputable VPN provider that comes with a suite of exceptional features that make masking your location effortless. If you’re searching for a user-friendly VPN to bypass ServusTV geoblocking and stream high-quality content from anywhere, then CyberGhost is an excellent choice. 

With over 7000 servers across more than 90 countries, including a healthy selection in Austria, CyberGhost ensures that you can bypass geoblocking and stream ServusTV irrespective of your actual location. These servers are also incredibly fast, so you can enjoy content in the highest possible quality without any buffering. 

CyberGhost uses the highest strength encryption, AES-256, to secure all user data, and has features like automatic kill switch, optional data compression, and an automated HTTPS redirection. Other security features include DNS and IP leak protection, ensuring a secure and private connection. It uses the most reliable VPN protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. 

In addition, CyberGhost provides an ad, malware, and tracking blocker to protect users from various cyber threats. This feature not only protects your device but also enhances browsing speeds and saves you mobile data when online. 

We wouldn’t recommend any VPN without a strict no-logs policy, which is crucial for maintaining your online privacy and anonymity. CyberGhost’s no-logs policy ensures that your data is not stored or shared. Additionally, CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania, outside of US and EU jurisdiction, which adds an extra layer of privacy protection. 

Users are provided with unlimited bandwidth and can have up to 7 simultaneous connections, so you can unblock and stream ServusTV from all your devices. The CyberGhost app/client is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. All apps include a one-click connect feature that links you to the fastest and/or closest server. However, to unblock ServusTV, you need to manually select a server from the Austrian list. 

Try out CyberGhost for bypassing ServusTV geoblocking for free with their 45-day money-back guarantee!


Can I watch F1 and MotoGP 2023 on ServusTV?

Yes, ServusTV holds the broadcasting rights for both F1 and MotoGP in 2023!

What other sports events can I stream on ServusTV?

You can stream a fantastic selection of sports events on ServusTV including the Austrian Hockey League, Red Bull Air Race, and UEFA Champions League.

Is it legal to use a VPN to bypass ServusTV geoblocking?

Yes! It’s completely legal to use a VPN to bypass ServusTV geoblocking in most countries. Some areas may enforce restrictions on VPNs but these can usually be circumvented.  

Can I use a free VPN to bypass ServusTV geoblocking?

We do not recommend that you use a free VPN to bypass geoblocking as these are usually less reliable and secure than premium alternatives. Free VPNs also have a much smaller server network and might not even have any available servers in Austria, making bypassing ServusTV geoblocking impossible.