With over 192.95 million paid subscribers and thousands of available titles, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the world’s most favoured streaming services. Whether you’re interested in documentaries, thrillers, horrors, comedies, and anything in between, Netflix will have something to suit you. Despite this impressive selection of content, Netflix, like other streaming services, is bound by licensing agreements, resulting in their libraries varying across different countries. This geoblocking results in some content being made unavailable in certain areas and has led to disappointment across the user base. 

If there’s a certain movie or show that you want to watch but isn’t available in your country then you need a VPN. Using a VPN you can spoof your location and gain access to every country’s unique Netflix library to stream content that would otherwise be unavailable. VPNs also bring a bundle of other benefits including increased online security, anonymous browsing, and even faster internet speeds. Keep reading to discover how to bypass Netflix’s geoblocking using a VPN in 2022!

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How to bypass Netflix’s geoblocking quick guide

Short on time? Find out how to quickly bypass Netflix’s geoblocking using a VPN!

  1. Choose a VPN

    Bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking requires a VPN with a wide range of servers, military-grade encryption, and fast connection speeds. We highly recommended NordVPN (more info below) but you can discover other fantastic VPNs that also work with Netflix here!

  2. Install app or client

    Once you’ve chosen a suitable VPN you can download the app/client on any devices you want to stream on. Next, open up the app/client to see a list of available servers.

  3. Connect to a server

    Depending on what you want to watch, you need to connect to the appropriate server. If you’re not sure, then try connecting a server in counties such as the UK, US, and New Zealand to find the biggest selection of Netflix content.

  4. Head to Netflix

     After you’ve connected to a server you’ll appear to have the server’s IP address. Now you can head to Netflix and start streaming any geoblocked content! 

Top tip – If you still can’t bypass Netflix’s geoblocking, then try reconnecting to a different server after clearing your browser’s cache!

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Why do I need a VPN to bypass Netflix’s geoblocking?

A VPN allows you to spoof your location and trick streaming services such as Netflix into thinking you’re accessing them from somewhere else. VPNs use encrypted tunnels to secure and reroute your traffic through one of their servers. When you connect to a VPN server your IP address is hidden and replaced by the servers’. So, for example, if you connect to a server that’s based in the US, then you’ll appear to have a US IP address. 

Using this trick, you can bypass geoblocking by pretending you’re accessing content from countries all across the world. By simply connecting to a VPN server before heading to Netflix, you can access all of its country-specific libraries. VPNs are incredibly easy to use and all you have to do is download the app or client on your device, open it, and connect to one of the available servers. Most VPNs have servers based in up to 60 different countries, so you can access thousands of new movies and shows on Netflix that would otherwise be blocked in your area.

What is the best VPN for bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking?

To unblock and stream Netflix, you need a VPN that has a wide range of servers all across the world in addition to strong encryption and super-fast connection speeds. With all this in mind, here is a VPN that we recommend for bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking – 


This VPN is our top choice for bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking due to its wide server network, robust security, and lightning-fast connection speeds. NordVPN offers all that you need to safely unblock and stream content in the highest possible quality

NordVPN has over 5300 servers in 60 countries, so you can access any and all Netflix libraries around the world. These servers are ultra-fast too, so you can stream in HD without any buffering whatsoever. If you’re worried about slowed-down connection speeds due to VPN usage, then NordVPN is your best option as this provider is one of the fastest in the market. 

Even users in restrictive or highly censored countries can enjoy streaming Netflix without any problems using NordVPN’s obfuscated servers. These servers can disguise VPN traffic to look like regular traffic by hiding the metadata from the packet header. This means you can bypass VPN-blocking firewalls and conceal your VPN usage from your ISP. 

Other security features provided by NordVPN include a kill switch, dedicated IP, double protection, and MFA. If you want to access geoblocked Netflix content but also want to surf other web content locally, then you can use NordVPN’s split tunnelling feature. This allows you to leave some of your traffic outside of the encrypted tunnel whilst bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking. NordVPN uses the highest level of encryption, AES with 256-bit keys, so you can stay protected against common cyberattacks when online. 

NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy meaning that the provider will never monitor, log, or share your data. As NordVPN is based in Panama, the provider is not bound by any data retention laws, so it is under no obligation to collect data such as timestamps, IP addresses, bandwidth usage, and data transfer. Additionally, this policy has been independently audited to prove its legitimacy.

With a NordVPN plan, you have unlimited bandwidth and up to 6 simultaneous connections. The app is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and most smart TVs. There are even browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 

Overall, NordVPN is the best VPN for bypassing Netflix’s geoblocking. With this VPN, you can effortlessly spoof your location by connecting to one of the many available servers. With robust security and outstanding performance, NordVPN allows you to stream Netflix content from around the world in fantastic quality, even if you live in a highly restricted or censored country.

Try out NordVPN* now to bypass Netflix’s geoblocking for free for 30-days with their money-back guarantee! 


Will using a VPN ban me from Netflix?

No! Netflix does not ban users’ accounts for using a VPN. However, in some cases, Netflix may block IP addresses that many different users appear to be accessing the streaming service from in an attempt to prevent VPN usage. If this happens, then you just need to switch to an alternative server in your VPN app/client.

Can I bypass geoblocking on my phone?

Yes! Most VPNs are supported on all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Many VPNs are also compatible with other devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs and even routers! 

What content can I watch on Netflix using a VPN?

With a VPN, you can watch any movies or shows from every country’s Netflix library. If you want to watch something in particular, then all you need to do is find out which countries have the content listed in their Netflix libraries so you can connect to the right server. We’ve already done the research for you and discovered the countries that list popular content such as Venom, House of Cards, Shooter, Harry Potter, and The Office in their Netflix libraries!