The subscription-based streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, is home to thousands of movies and TV shows including a fantastic selection of original content. Amazon Prime currently has over 175 million users and is available in over 200 countries and territories around the world, making it one of the most popular streaming services ever. The only drawback of Amazon Prime Video is that often content is located behind a barrier due to geoblocking, leaving users with a reduced selection of content.

If you love sitting down to watch exclusive Amazon Prime content but want to expand your library, or you’re travelling abroad and want to continue watching a geoblocked series or movie, then you need to spoof your location with a VPN. With a VPN, you can hide your IP address and temporarily replace it with a VPN servers’ to trick the streaming service into thinking you’re located elsewhere. Using this trick you can access and stream content that is usually restricted to designated countries by streaming services. Keep reading to discover how to bypass Amazon Prime geoblocking and find out the best VPN for this in 2023!  

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How to bypass Amazon Prime geoblocking quick guide

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Short on time? Here’s how to quickly bypass Amazon Prime geoblocking using a VPN!

  1. Choose a VPN

    To unblock Amazon Prime, you need a VPN that has plenty of servers and fast connection speeds. We highly recommended CyberGhost and explain why further in this article!

  2. Install app/client

    Once you’ve decided on a VPN provider, you can install the app or client on whichever devices you want to stream Amazon Prime from. After installation, open up the app/client to see a list of available servers.

  3. Connect to server

    Depending on what content you want to watch, you need to connect to a server that’s local to the country that Amazon Prime is licensed to broadcast in. If you’re not sure, then try connecting to a server that’s in the US, UK, or Germany, as these countries have the most content available on Amazon Prime.

  4. Enjoy streaming

     Now your real IP address is concealed so you can head to the Amazon Prime Video app or website to start streaming geoblocked content from anywhere in the world! Have fun!

Top tip – If you still can’t unblock Amazon Prime then try clearing your browser’s cache and connecting to an alternative server!

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How can a VPN help me bypass Amazon Prime geoblocking?

Geoblocking refers to restricting users’ access to content due to their geographical location. This is incredibly common and is usually a result of licensing agreements and copyright laws. Geoblocking is why when you go abroad your Netflix or Amazon Prime Video libraries show a different variety of content. It’s also why some streaming platforms or other services are completely inaccessible outside of a specific country or region.

Geoblocking can be enforced by services such as Amazon Prime using users’ IP addresses. Your IP address is assigned by your ISP and enables your device to communicate with others through a network. It also pinpoints your exact location which is shared with every website or app you visit online. These sites and apps can then use your location to determine which content you can access and block you from anything that they are not licensed to broadcast in your country. 

Using a VPN is the best way to circumvent geoblocking and access content from other countries. When you connect to a VPN server your traffic travels through an encrypted tunnel to reach the server before its final destination. The server will then act as the source of your traffic and temporarily replace your IP address with its own. 

So, if you live in the UK but want to browse and stream content that’s only available in the US, then you just need to connect to a VPN server that’s based in the US. Once connected, your real IP address will be hidden and you’ll appear to have a US one. You can then head to the Amazon Prime Video website or app and the service will be tricked into thinking you’re accessing it from within the US rather than your actual country. You’ll see the US-specific library and can stream any available content. It really is as easy as that! Spoofing your location is the safest and most efficient way to bypass geoblocking and stream content from Amazon Prime Video that would otherwise be restricted to a select few countries. 

What is the best VPN for bypassing Amazon Prime geoblocking?

The best VPN for bypassing Amazon Prime geoblocking will have fast connection speeds, robust security, and a large network of servers around the world. Here is a VPN that we believe ticks all these boxes and offers all that you need to safely stream geoblocked content on Amazon Prime Video.


CyberGhost is a reliable VPN service that has built an incredibly large customer base since it was founded in 2011. This VPN is our top recommended choice for bypassing Amazon Prime geoblocking as it offers fast connection speeds, advanced security features, and much more.

With over 7000 servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost gives you plenty of choices when circumventing restrictions to stream geoblocked content. These servers support trusted VPN protocols such as WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Furthermore, CyberGhost follows a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited to confirm that no user data is ever stored or monitored by the provider.

As well as ensuring that you can stay entertained by streaming unblocked content on Amazon Prime Video, CyberGhost also works to keep you safe online. This VPN uses military-grade encryption to secure user data and keep it locked away from cybercriminals and other prying eyes. Alongside this encryption, CyberGhost also employs various other security features including a kill switch, and DNS/IP leak protection.

If you also want to avoid ads and potential malware threats when streaming or browsing the web, you can make use of CyberGhost’s built-in ad blocker. This tool will block ads such as banners, auto-play videos, and pop-ups from your browser and apps before they even have a chance to load. This can drastically reduce your risk of malware and phishing attacks as well as help you save money on mobile data and increase your browsing speeds.

CyberGhost offers both unlimited bandwidth and 7 simultaneous connections so you can stream as much geoblocked content as you want through Amazon Prime Video and any other streaming services. CyberGhost is available on desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), and phones (Android, iOS). The VPN is also available as a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) and has apps available for smart TVs and consoles.

Try out CyberGhost to bypass Amazon Prime geoblocking for free for 45-days with their money-back guarantee!


Is it illegal to use a VPN?

No! It’s completely legal to use a VPN in most counties. However, there are a few areas where VPNs are either restricted or banned including China, North Korea, Iraq, Belarus, Russia, Oman, and the U.A.E. 

Will a VPN slow down my connection speeds?

VPNs will slightly slow down your connection speeds as your traffic has to travel further to reach the VPN server. But this drop in speed is so minimal that you likely won’t even notice it. Additionally, when you use a VPN you can avoid bandwidth throttling. This is when your ISP will throttle your bandwidth to reduce network congestion. Since your online activity is hidden when using a VPN, your ISP cannot see what you’re doing online and therefore won’t target you for streaming or torrenting which are considered bandwidth-heavy activities.

What can I watch on Amazon Prime using a VPN?

You can watch Amazon Prime Video content from any country when using a VPN. For example, if you connect to a US server then you can stream the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Nikita!