With over 600 million blogs already on the internet, you need to do whatever you can to make yours stand out. When getting started with creating a blog, having a reliable and feature-rich web host is a vital part of the process. You may not know it yet, but your chosen web host can be a huge determining factor on whether or not your blog takes off. A sub-par web host can cause your blog to suffer by providing slow loading speeds, regular downtime, and inadequate customization options.

 After all, you want your readers to have the best user experience possible when visiting your website, and having a great web host is the key to make that happen. The best web hosts for bloggers will offer fast loading speeds, a user-friendly interface, plenty of customization options, excellent customer support, and much more. We understand that with so many web hosts on the market right now, it can be a difficult task to narrow them down to just one. So, we’ve laid out a list of the best web hosts for bloggers in 2022, so you can choose one that will help your blog launch without a hitch and sufficiently support it as it grows. 

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What to look for in web hosts for blogging

Since there are so many web hosts for blogs around, it can be hard to decide on the right one for you. We’ve listed a number of key factors to consider when choosing a web host, so you can be sure you’re selecting the best one for your blog. 


You don’t want your website to have any downtime as this could hurt your reputation and lose you potential readers as when your website is down, no regular or new visitors can access it. No website can have absolutely zero downtime, however, some web hosts offer much better uptime than others. You should be looking for web hosts that have at least 99% uptime so that you can be sure your website experiences minimal downtime. You can check out some websites that show any web host’s average uptime over the past year, so you can make a better-informed decision when choosing one for your blog. 


Visitors are often impatient and won’t want to wait around for web pages to load. Google also doesn’t appreciate page loading and will less likely rank websites that have slow loading speeds. In fact, loading speed is so important that 40% of visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, to help your SEO and increase your visitor rate, you need to opt for a web host that can provide the fastest speeds possible. If SEO is your priority, then we suggest you have a read of our best web hosts for SEO in 2022 article!


If you’re just creating a blog rather than a full business site, then you shouldn’t need a whole lot of technical knowledge or experience with website development. You ideally need a web host that allows you to easily set up and manage your blog. A user-friendly interface is a must, as you will want to quickly navigate through settings and publish your blog posts without any hassle. 


When it comes down to the look and feel of your blog, you want it to be customized to suit your own preferences. After all, no one wants to visit a generic-looking website, right?. So, finding a web host that makes customization easy and accessible is a vital part of the search process. Some web hosts offer just a few templates to use and don’t have many options to further customize them, whilst others offer much more flexibility. A good web host for blogging will have a wide variety of templates to choose from and will also provide you with tools to alter and customize any to make them perfectly unique to your website.  


Even when starting off small, there’s no knowing how fast or how large your blog can grow. You’ll want a web host that provides you with adequate resources so that you can support your blog as it gains more traffic and in turn, needs storage and bandwidth. Many web hosts have set plans that allow you to have a certain number of visitors each month. However, only a few will allow you to upgrade your plan to scale with your website over time. These are the web hosts that are ideal for bloggers and the ones that you should consider when selecting a provider for your website. 

Customer support 

No matter how big or small your website is, you’re bound to run into some obstacles at some point. This can happen at any time of the day and if you do happen to run into an issue that’s stopping your website from working correctly, then you’ll want to have it resolved as fast as possible. Therefore, you’ll want a web host that offers 24/7 customer support

If you want your blog to flourish, then having a customer support team who are highly knowledgeable and helpful is critical, since you’ll want any problems to be addressed promptly. Additionally, you should opt for a web host that has an extensive knowledge base that you can use to look up and resolve common issues rather than needing to contact the support team. 

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What are the best web hosts for bloggers?

Based on the key factors we’ve listed above, we’ve researched and laid out the top three web hosts that we highly recommended for bloggers. 


For a top-tier web host that has a user-friendly design and a range of helpful features, Bluehost is a fantastic choice. Recommended by WordPress itself, this web host is perfect for bloggers, both experts, and beginners alike.

To start with, Bluehost is highly dependable and offers an impressive uptime of 99.98%, placing it above the industry average of around 99.95%. Even better, Bluehost also sits among the top-performing companies when it comes to site speed, with super-fast loading speeds that won’t leave your readers waiting around. 

Bluehost has put thought into the tools it provides users and aims to make the website building process as easy and quick as possible. Their built-in drag-and-drop site builder is ideal for bloggers with less technical experience but still want to use WordPress for their website. With Bluehost’s website builder, you can use all of WordPress’s features and customization options through a clean and straightforward interface. There are also several SEO tools included that can analyze your website and create a report to help raise your search engine ranking. 

Bluehost also has a variety of customer support options, including tickets, live chat, and phone calls. Users regularly praise Bluehost for their prompt and effective replies, so if you face any issues when setting up or managing your blog, then you can be sure they can be rectified without any delay. Bluehost also has a notable knowledge base that is packed full of support forums, so you can research and resolve issues yourself if you’d prefer to. 

Overall, Bluehost provides bloggers with everything they could need to successfully launch their blog. If you want a website with fast loading speeds, a near 100% uptime, and all the tools needed to customize and make it unique, then look no further than Bluehost. 


If you’re completely new to the world of website building and think you’ll be needing plenty of assistance, then we suggest a supportive web host like SiteGround. This web host focuses on being beginner-friendly as well as ticking all the boxes when it comes to speed, performance, and flexibility. 

SiteGround is a well-established web host that’s also recommended by WordPress. They boast an outstanding 99.99% uptime so you can be sure that your website stays working around the clock. Speed won’t be an issue either, as SiteGround provides consistent and rapid page loading times. 

If you suddenly strike gold and your website suddenly takes off, then your hosting plan with SiteGround can scale alongside it. They have plenty of plans to choose from depending on how many resources your site will require or how much traffic you expect to receive. But, as your website grows and you find that your chosen plan is no longer sufficient, then you can simply upgrade it either manually or by using SiteGround’s autoscaling option.

When it comes to customer support, Siteground really takes the lead. You can expect almost instant replies through their 24/7 live chat or phone support. Replies are not only fast but are also incredibly informative, so you can be sure that any issues will be fixed without delay. If you’d rather solve problems yourself, then you can make use of SiteGround’s comprehensive knowledge base. If you’re looking for answers to common queries, guides, or tutorials, then Siteground has it all laid out in an easy-to-read and helpful format. 

SiteGround is ideal for blogging due to its top-notch speeds, terrific performance, and user-friendly features. If you want to retain visitors with a fantastic user experience, then with SiteGround you can ensure that your website remains fast, secure, and can scale alongside unexpected increases in traffic.

A2 Hosting

For groundbreaking speeds and very stable uptime, A2 Hosting is the way to go. This web host provides free migration, automatic patching updates, and a range of other features that help make setting up and managing your blog a breeze.

A2 Hosting’s servers are designed to optimize the WordPress experience for both you and your website’s visitors. On top of this, this web host provides a 99.9% uptime commitment and super-fast page loading speeds, so your website has a much higher chance of ranking well when it comes to SEO. 

This web host also boasts some top-quality developer tools, as well as working seamlessly with all major content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, and Jooma. For an additional price you can also make use of A2 Hosting’s own website builder, SiteBuilder, that’s available for any shared hosting plan. With SiteBuilder, you can choose from a range of different templates that can all be completely customized to suit your preferences. This tool can help you quickly get your website up and running and looking professional. If you’re a beginner to website building and want a simple drag-and-drop interface, then A2 Hosting’s SiteBuilder is well worth the small additional cost. 

A2 Hosting has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to assist you through live chat, tickets, emails, and phone calls. On their website, you’ll also find an extensive knowledge base that is packed with easy-to-follow guides and informative articles. If you find that you’re not happy for whatever reason with A2 Hosting’s service, then you can get a full refund through their 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you’re looking for an affordable web host for your blog, then A2 Hosting is an excellent option for you. Your website will significantly benefit from this web host’s fast loading speeds while you benefit from a range of developer-friendly tools. Overall, we highly recommend A2 Hosting as one of the best web hosts for bloggers, especially those who are on a tighter budget.