he developers announced Tor Browser version 11.0.15 relatively unspectacularly. Tor Browser 11.0.15 is available for Linux, Android, macOS and Windows.

In the official announcement you will find only one change: Tor

Tor Browser 11.0.15 is available

As usual, you can find the current Tor Browser in the download area of ​​the project page. You can find a German version here.

Alternatives to surfing via Tor

You could also install Tor (The Onion Router) on your computer yourself, but this is not entirely trivial.

A good alternative for routing all traffic through Tor is the Linux operating system Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) . You start it from a USB stick and it leaves no traces on the corresponding computer.

Incidentally, NordVPN* offers a service called Onion over VPN . If you connect to one of these onion servers, your data traffic will also be routed through Tor. You can check whether you are connected to the Tor network or not at check.torproject.org .If you already have a NordVPN subscription, be sure to check out the new Meshnet feature . It couldn’t be easier to configure a vLAN.

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