Due to events over the past year, which have encouraged society to isolate inside, it is no surprise that social networking sites such as Omegle have rapidly spiked in popularity. However, these sites can ban users’ IP addresses which restricts their access even after making alternative accounts. If this is the case for you, then here’s how to get unbanned from Omegle in 2023!

Omegle website
You can use a VPN to unblock tons of other apps and websites including porn websites, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Prime Video!

How to get unbanned from Omegle quick guide 

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Omegle bans using your IP address. In case you get blocked by the service – all you need is a new IP address. Here’s how to get one –

  1. Find a suitable VPN

    We recommend CyberGhost for bypassing Omegle bans due to its large server network, reliable customer service, and fast connection speeds. Their included kill switch feature also ensures that if your connection unexpectedly drops, your IP address will still be hidden. You can also read about our recommended premium VPNs to compare and see which one is most suitable for your needs.

  2. Connect to a server

    Once you have downloaded your VPN of choice, you can select and connect to a server in any country provided by the application.

  3. Continue enjoying Omegle

    Within minutes you’ll be all set and ready to head back to Omegle. Simply navigate the website as usual and your VPN should have successfully bypassed Omegle’s ban.

Why did I get banned on Omegle?

An Omegle ban can occur due to a variety of reasons and can last anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. Repeat offences or severe policy violations can even lead to a permanent ban on your IP address. Omegle does not allow users to appeal their bans and many complain that they do not know why they were banned in the first place. 

Reasons for an Omegle ban can include: 

  1. Being reported by other users – All users have the option to report others for whatever reason they see fit. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out why another user has decided to report you. 
  2. Repeatedly dropping calls – If a user is repeatedly dropping calls, even if this is due to something unavoidable such as bad internet connection, Omegle will flag the IP as spam, leading to a ban.
  3. Offensive language or other violations – Omegle tries to protect users from bullying, abuse, and harassment, so moderators will quickly restrict users’ access to the site if they believe that any of these violations have taken place. 
  4. Location – In some countries Omegle is completely banned, and the site cannot be accessed at all without a VPN. This can be a result of the country’s individual censorship or freedom of speech laws. Countries which Omegle is banned in include, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Turkey and Pakistan. 

How to get unbanned from Omegle via VPN. 

Unlike most social networking sites, Omegle does not require a phone number or email to sign up with. This means that when users are banned, it is their IP addresses which have been restricted and not their device or contact information. Using a VPN is the only way to bypass an IP ban as they work by masking the user’s IP address whilst also encrypting your messages so that third parties are unable to spy on your conversations. 

When deciding on a VPN for using sites such as Omegle, you should be looking for those which provide fast connection speeds, a wide selection of servers, and military-grade encryption. It’s also helpful to choose a service which offers a clean and user-friendly interface that can be quickly navigated. 

Once you have chosen a suitable VPN, simply download the software and select one of the available servers. It’s ideal to select a server which is close to your actual location as this will ensure that your internet connection is fast and also minimises the risk of server lag. Alternatively, if you are interested in connecting with users from a specific country, then select a server in that region and you’ll more likely be linked to other IP addresses in that area. 

After you have been allocated a fresh IP address, you will be granted unrestricted access to Omegle. Simply head back to the website, and you can immediately get back to networking with strangers throughout the world. If you happen to get banned again, then you just need to go back to the VPN software and select a different server. In rare cases a server can provide you an IP address that is already banned – the solution is simple – connect to a different server.

Our top recommended VPNs for bypassing Omegle ban

If you’ve unfortunately been banned on Omegle, then these VPNs will help you quickly get unbanned! Check them out now.


This service is renowned for its speed which is an essential feature if you are trying to access sites such as Omegle. Lagging can indicate that you are using a VPN and this will be flagged, leading to a new ban. They also offer a helpful kill switch feature which completely blocks the connection between your device and the website (in case the connection to the VPN drops), concealing your IP address. Plus, CyberGhost offers 24/7 live support chat to assist you at any time if you are faced with any unanticipated issues. CyberGhost is not only one of the best VPNs on the market but also very affordable.


Although much cheaper than some competitors, ExpressVPN still matches the premium service that other, more expensive providers offer. They also deliver a fantastic feature that allows users to connect to multiple servers at once. This VPN has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, ensuring that you have complete, unrestricted access to Omegle. ExpressVPN is currently offering a discount for a 12-month plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


With over 35,000 servers in 77 countries, this VPN has one of the largest server networks currently available. This provider promises a strict no-log policy, meaning that none of your information will be tracked, and your online movements will never be traced back to you. PIA VPN’s price is competitive and if you are after top-notch security, then this can be the ideal choice. Buy 12 months of PIA VPN and receive additional months extra completely free.

Can I use a free VPN to get unbanned from Omegle?

If you want to know how to get unbanned from Omegle but don’t want to pay for a VPN then you can always opt for a free one. However, this is not recommended as free VPNs usually only have a small selection of servers which are not regularly refreshed. This means that you will likely be selecting IP addresses which have already been blocked by Omegle. 

Premium VPNs not only allow you to bypass Omegle bans, they also protect your privacy from hackers or your ISP. It is highly recommended selecting a premium VPN such as the ones listed above to ensure that you’re not only granted access to Omegle, but there is also no risk of your data being sold to advertisers. 

What is Omegle? 

Omegle is currently one of the most popular online chat sites and has had an understandable surge in popularity over the past year. Founded in 2009, Omegle connects strangers together from around the world and enables them to chat online through video calls and instant messaging. Users can filter keywords to allow them to be connected to others with similar interests. Additionally, Omegle stores data from IP addresses for up to four months and the only way to prevent this is by using a VPN.


To conclude, if you want to know how to get unbanned from Omegle in 2021, then the simple answer is: use a VPN. Using a VPN is the safest and most reliable way to bypass bans while also ensuring that your information is secure and not compromised. Free VPNs are always an option but premium services guarantee that you have the fastest possible server speed and your IP address is not at risk of being leaked.