Hosting a single website is simple and cheap enough, however, that sometimes isn’t the case when it comes to hosting multiple websites. With more than one website, it’s essential to have a large amount of resources, including bandwidth and storage, to ensure that each individual site is sufficiently supported. 

Of course, there is the option to purchase multiple hosting plans to host a singular website on each one. Although possible, this can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive, so you’re better off finding a web host that supports multiple domains on one of its plans. 

To help you choose the perfect web host for your web hosting needs, we’ve narrowed down your choices to just three of the best web hosts for hosting multiple websites in 2022. All of these web hosts are affordable, feature-rich, and permit an unlimited number of domains under a single plan. Keep reading to find out more about these web hosts and learn what factors to consider before making your decision. 

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What to consider when choosing a hosting provider to host multiple websites

Hosting multiple domains can come with a unique set of challenges and factors that need to be taken into consideration. To help ensure that you choose the best possible hosting package, have a look at what you need to bear in mind when planning to host multiple websites. 

  • Number of domains – If you’re interested in hosting multiple domains then first and foremost, you need to check with each web host how many domains are allowed under a single hosting plan. Some web hosts offer plans with a limited number of domains whilst others will allow an unlimited amount. Be sure to consider your possible future planks before committing to a limited number of domain names, as it could be a hassle to upgrade your plan at a later time. 
  • Domain management – Having easy domain management is key when hosting multiple websites, as it can very quickly become overwhelming. You should opt for a web host that simplifies the domain management process and makes it easy to transfer or add additional domains at any time. 
  • Resources – Of course, more domains also means more resource usage. So, you need to be sure your plan provides you with enough to support each of your websites. You need plenty of extra bandwidth to withstand the traffic of each website, as well as a sufficient amount of storage to store all your files. It’s a good idea to try and estimate how much of these resources you’re expected to use so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best possible hosting plan. 
  • Price – If you’re hosting multiple websites, then you can expect a slight increase in your hosting plan cost. Still, it’s usually more cost-effective to host multiple domains on one plan rather than paying for different hosting accounts for each website. Most web hosts will have a standard plan that provides just one domain and premium plans that offer multiple domains. Although premium plans are more pricey, you’ll also receive plenty of other additional features with a premium plan, which can justify the extra cost. 

Did you know that the USA has over 100 million hosted domains? In comparison, China has 24 million hosted domains whilst the United Kingdom and Germany have just 6 million each. 

Our top recommended best web hosts for hosting multiple websites

Searching through the seemingly endless number of web hosts can be confusing and time-consuming, So, we’re done all the hard work for you and narrowed down the huge selection to just three web hosts. These hosting providers all allow you to host multiple domains at a reasonable price in addition to providing an impressive range of useful features within their hosting plans.  


Bluehost is the ideal choice for beginners who are looking to host multiple domains. This web host offers affordable plans that provide more than enough resources to help you power multiple websites. Bluehost has dedicated and VPS hosting plans available, but in this review we’ll be focusing on their shared plans. 

With Bluehost’s basic shared plan, users are limited to just one website, so we’ll skip straight to the premium plus and pro plans. Both of which allow unlimited websites, which is perfect for any user that’s unsure of how many domains they’ll require in the future. With these plans, you’ll have unlimited SSD storage, so you can be sure that you’ll have more than enough server space for your websites. There is also unmetered bandwidth included in all shared hosting plans, so your websites can attract as many visitors as possible without any overage charges. Bluehost’s Acceptable Use Policy also states that the web host will never limit or throttle your bandwidth. 

Bluehost’s plus and pro shared hosting plans also provide a broad range of features and addons including SSL certificates, custom themes, unlimited MySQL databases, one-year free domain registration, and access to the web host’s built-in custom website builder. 

When it comes to hosting multiple websites, Bluehost makes it trouble-free with their specialized domain manager, which is included in all available plans. This domain manager makes it easy for users to update, transfer, add, and manage all of their domains in the control panel. 

Overall, Bluehost is a fantastic choice for hosting multiple domains at a low price. With unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and the option for unlimited domains, you can host as many websites as you want without worrying about exceeding any usage caps. Additionally, with Bluehost, you’re provided with dozens of features that can assist you in building fully functional and appealing websites without needing any prior web hosting or web development experience. 

A2 Hosting

If fast speeds, consistent uptime, and overall excellent performance is your priority, then look no further than A2 Hosting. This web host has Turbo plans available which are optimized for speed with upgraded server hardware, increased resources, and advanced caching software to provide users with a lightning-fast web hosting experience. 

Of course, A2 Hosting also permits users to host multiple domains. Their Turbo Boost shared hosting plans allow for unlimited websites in addition to unlimited NVMe (non-volatile memory express) storage, unlimited data transfer, and 2 GB of physical storage. With any shared plan, you have access to a cPanel control panel where you can add and manage all your different websites in a single, streamlined interface. 

A2 Hosting’s shared plans also come overloaded with heaps of features to help you set up, maintain, and grow your websites. This includes automatic backups, file recovery, unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, and access to A2 Hosting’s custom site builder. You can also have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your website as this web host provides a range of security features such as 2FA, SSL, dual firewall, brute-force defence, DDoS prevention, and a virus scanner. 

All in all, A2 Hosting is a feature-rich web host that is well worth the money. You can not only host as many websites as you want, but you can also ensure that each of them has fast loading speeds, robust security, and more than enough available resources. Additionally, A2 Hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so all of your websites will be available around the clock with minimal interruptions. 


Finally, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to host multiple websites, then Hostgator is the perfect choice for you. This web host presents extremely low-cost hosting plans without missing out on any key features needed for smooth website setup and management. 

Hostgator’s baby and business shared plans allow for unlimited websites as well as unmetered bandwidth and storage space. You’ll also receive one-year free domain registration, free domain transfers, SSL, advanced email tools, unlimited subdomains, automatic backups, and plenty more. If you opt for the business plan, then you get some additional features such as dedicated IP, positive SSL, and unlimited addon/parked domains. 

With all of Hostgator’s plans, you get exclusive access to their built-in site builder which makes it easy to create a unique website in just a few minutes. This is an especially helpful feature for those who are hosting multiple domains and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time building each one from scratch. With Hostgator’s website builder, you can choose from hundreds of templates and quickly edit any of them using the straightforward drag-and-drop interface. You’re also provided with a bunch of extra features including a logo maker, site statistics, email campaign analytics, calendar management, and innovative eCommerce tools, all of which are included for free with any hosting plan. 

To conclude, Hostgator is a terrific web host that can support any users who wish to host multiple websites. Their inexpensive plans don’t lack any important features and include helpful additions that can make the set up and maintenance of your websites hassle-free. You’ll also have no issue managing each domain as you’ll have access to a cPanel control panel through Hostgator’s hosting plans. 

A final note

If there is anything we’ve mentioned that you’re unsure about, then we suggest you take a look at our common web hosting questions and answers article!