iPad users require just as much privacy and security as any other device users. If you regularly use your iPad online to browse the web, watch online content, play games, or work, then it’s wise to take precautions to ensure that you can keep your device out of harm’s way. There are cyber criminals lurking everywhere online who are looking for possible victims to infect with malware, steal financial information from, or even permanently damage their devices. To avoid these threats, we recommend that you protect your iPad using a VPN. 

Since a VPN encrypts all your online traffic, this technology can shield you from malware, cybercriminals, malicious hotspots, and other risks. VPNs can also allow you to browse the web anonymously without fear of having your online activity monitored by your ISP. Additionally, using a VPN on your iPad you can bypass geoblocking, enabling you to access apps, services, websites, and content that would otherwise be restricted or blocked in your country. If you’re interested in increasing your online security and privacy when using your iPad, then keep reading to find out the best VPNs for iPads in 2022!

VPN for iPad
Want to use a VPN on all your devices? After finding out the best VPNs for iPads you can discover the best VPNs for phones, PCs, and even home routers in 2022!

The best VPNs for iPads quick guide

  1. NordVPN – Best overall choice
  2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly 
  3. ExpressVPN – Super-fast connection speeds

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Our top recommended best VPNs for iPads in 2022 

The ideal VPN for your iPad will have top-notch security features, a wide range of servers, and lightning-fast connection speeds. Additionally, if you’re interested in protecting your privacy and remaining anonymous when online, then you need a VPN that has a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited. Of course, your chosen VPN provider should be compatible with iPads and have a user-friendly app that is easy to navigate. After taking these factors into consideration, we’ve gathered the top 3 best VPNs for iPads in 2022 –

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a renowned VPN that provides users with an impressive range of worldwide servers, fast connection speeds, and a fantastic selection of security features. As this VPN is supported on a variety of devices including iPads, you can use it to protect yourself against common cyber threats and remain anonymous when online.

There are over 5600 servers located in 60 countries, so no matter where you are, you can use this VPN to spoof your location and access content that is unavailable in your location. This wide range of servers can also ensure super-fast connection speeds since your traffic won’t have to travel far to reach the server. This means you enjoy watching high-quality content on your iPad without experiencing any buffering and browsing the web without waiting around for slow page loading times. 

This VPN encrypts all user traffic with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and further protects users with a selection of security features including a kill switch, dedicated IP, multi-factor authentication, double VPN protection, split tunnelling support, private DNS, DNS leak protection, and a built-in ad blocker/malware blocker (Threat Protection). NordVPN also uses obfuscated servers that conceal your online activity so not even your ISP can see what you’re doing online. Furthermore, as this VPN has a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited, you can have peace of mind knowing sensitive information such as your connection timestamps, bandwidth usage, IP addresses, and browsing history is not being monitored or collected. 

NordVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and the app can be used on up to 6 devices simultaneously. If you encounter any issues then you can contact NordVPN’s knowledgeable customer support team who are available 24/7 through email and live chat. Alternatively, you can check out this provider’s support center for in-depth articles, guides, and tutorials. There is even a detailed tutorial that shows you how to install and use the NordVPN app on your iPad!

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  1. Surfshark 

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN that offers everything you need to stay protected and private when using your iPad online. Despite its cost-effective plans, this VPN still provides top-notch security, reliable connection speeds, and an easy-to-use app, making it one of the best options for users who are unfamiliar with using VPNs or are on a tight budget. 

There are more than 3200 Surfshark servers based in 95 countries, so regardless of where you live, you’ll be sure to find a nearby server to connect to, allowing you to enjoy fast connection speeds and a lag-free online experience on your iPad. All of Surfshark’s servers are 100% RAM-only, meaning that they do not store any user data and are wiped when turned off. Additionally, this VPN uses only the most trusted and reliable VPN protocols – WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. 

This VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure user traffic and also provides users with a range of other features to help them stay protected and private online such as private DNS with leak protection, a kill switch, and a built-in ad blocker (CleanWeb). Surfshark also has a camouflage mode that uses obfuscation to hide your online activity from your ISP as well as a NoBorders mode that allows even users who are loathed in highly restrictive countries to successfully connect to a server and conceal their real IP address. Surfshark has a no-logs policy that has been independently audited, meaning you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information being logged or shared. 

Surfshark generously offers both unlimited bandwidth and unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can download and use the app on all your favourite devices including your iPad. If you need any assistance then you can head to Surfshark’s customer support team who are available 24/7. This provider also has an informative knowledge base that is packed with helpful guides, FAQs, and tutorials. 

Try out Surfshark on your iPad for free for 30 days with their money-back guarantee! 

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another popular and trustworthy VPN that provides outstanding connection speeds, reliable security measures, and an intuitive app, making it a terrific option for users looking for a streamlined VPN experience. This VPN is supported by a range of devices including iPads, so if you’re interested in gaming, streaming, or browsing the web without any interruptions and minimal online threats, then look no further than ExpressVPN. 

This VPN provider has thousands of servers based in 94 countries and over 160 locations, so you’ll have no trouble finding a nearby server to connect to and enjoy super-fast connection speeds. ExpressVPN uses a pioneering new VPN protocol known as Lightway that guarantees to provide users with a secure, faster, and more reliable VPN experience. Additionally, this VPN provides users with a built-in speed test feature that is designed to automatically connect to the fastest available server location. 

With military-grade AES 256-bit encryption combined with a selection of robust security features, ExpressVPN ensures that you’re out of reach from cyber criminals and malware threats. Advanced security features provided by this VPN include a kill switch, split tunnelling support, private DNS with leak protection, a built-in threat manager, and TrustedServer technology. This VPN also has a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited so you can privately browse the web on your iPad without sensitive information such as your IP address, browsing history, metadata, and DNS queries being monitored, logged, or shared with third-parties 

ExpressVPN provides users with unlimited bandwidth and the app can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can also install this VPN on your router to secure all devices under your home network whilst only using a single device slot. If you run into any problems or need assistance when setting up and using your VPN then you can contact ExpressVPN’s friendly customer support team who are available 24/7. Or, if you’d prefer, you can head to the provider’s knowledge base for tips, guides, and video tutorials! 

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