Nowadays, we use our phones for everything. To communicate with friends, find directions, watch media content, listen to music, check work emails, and much more. There’s really nothing our phones can’t do for us. However, this does come with some dangers. If you’re regularly using your phone to store or share sensitive information, then you’re at risk of your identity or financial details being stolen. Hackers can inflict additional damage by injecting malware or trackers on your device, which can wreak all sorts of havoc. 

If you want to protect your phone when connecting to the internet, then you’ll need a VPN. A VPN can not only shield your device against cyber criminals, but it can also offer an abundance of additional benefits such as the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. This means that you can watch geo-blocked content on your phone from anywhere in the world. Keep reading to discover the best VPNs for phones in 2022.

Surfshark app on a mobile phone.

Did you know? 57% of mobile VPN users are using the technology to access better entertainment content!

The best VPNs for phones quick guide

  • Surfshark – Best overall choice
  • ExpressVPN – Feature-rich and super-fast speeds
  • NordVPN – Intuitive app with a huge server network


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Why you need a VPN for your phone

Not sure if it’s worth getting a VPN? Here are the main benefits of using a VPN on your phone – 

Protect your device – When unprotected, your phone, along with your sensitive data, is at risk of being infiltrated by cybercriminals using harmful software such as Malware. Malware, short for malicious software, is designed to intentionally damage or exploit devices such as phones. Cybercriminals create malware to steal financial data, destroy files, and even use sensitive information for identity theft. Once malware infects your phone, it can be incredibly tricky to remove and can leave you with irreversible damage. Common types of malware include viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. 

By using a VPN, you can protect your device against malware attacks. A VPN will encrypt your data and also hide your IP address whenever you’re using your phone, making it much more difficult for cybercriminals to successfully launch an attack and inject malware on your device. This is especially important if you regularly connect to public WiFi networks, as these do not require authentication to establish a connection and are therefore a prime target for hackers to distribute malware on. 

Access geo-blocked content – If you have a Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or any other streaming service account, then you’re probably already aware that some content is blocked based on your location. If you’re in the UK, for example, then you’ll have a different content library compared to users in the US. You’ll also notice that when you travel abroad, some channels or websites may no longer be available. This is known as geo-blocking and is often due to licensing agreements, copyright laws, or government restrictions.  

If you want to unblock content and stream it on your phone from anywhere, then you’ll need a VPN. When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is concealed, while the server’s IP takes its place. This means that to whichever websites you visit, you’ll appear to be accessing them from wherever the server is located. So, if you want to access any US-specific content or streaming servers, then you just have to use your VPN to connect to a server that’s based in that country. With a VPN, you are no longer restricted to streaming content from your own country and when you travel abroad, you’ll still have access to all your favourite movies, shows, and websites! Find out more uses of VPNs here!

Our top recommended best VPNs for phones in 2022

Want to protect your phone on the go? Discover our top recommended best VPNs for phones –


Our top choice for protecting and streaming from your phone. 

Number of servers – 3200+ 

Server countries – 65

Simultaneous connections – Unlimited 

No-logs policy – Yes

Supported devices – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

Surfshark is the perfect, budget-friendly VPN that can ensure all your devices are protected at once. With simultaneous connections available under a single account, you can not only shield your phone against attackers but all your other devices too! 

There are also plenty of security features at hand. With military-grade encryption, your phone can stay protected against malware when connected to WiFi hotspots. On top of this, Surfshark offers ad-blocking technology, a kill switch, private DNS, IKEv2/IPsec protocol, and a camouflage mode. Additionally, this VPN provides a NoBorders mode which drastically minimises your chances of being tracked online when using your phone.

The Surfshark app is straightforward and easy to use. All you need to do is download it on your phone and click the ‘connect’ button. You’ll automatically be connected to the nearest server and from there you switch between countries or secure the fastest available connection. Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy, so information such as your browsing history, timestamps, and bandwidth usage will ever be tracked or collected by the provider.

If you want to find out how to set up the Surfshark app on your phone then you can head to the informative help center for tutorials and FAQS. Alternatively, you can check out the website’s blog for tips and tricks regarding the usage of your VPN. You can also contact Surfshark’s customer support team 24/7 to help resolve any issues. 

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The ideal choice if you’re looking for lightning-fast connection speeds and buffer-free streaming. 

Number of servers – 3000+

Server countries – 94

Simultaneous connections – 5

No-logs policy – Yes

Supported devices – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

For high-quality streams and a fantastic user experience, look no further than the powerful ExpressVPN. This VPN provides you with some of the best connection speeds of all available VPNs, meaning that you can watch geo-blocked content on your phone in fantastic quality, even when on mobile data. 

ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption to protect user data in addition to various other security measures which include split tunnelling support, a kill switch, trusted server technology, and private DNS. This VPN has a no-logs policy so you can use your phone in peace knowing that the provider will not be monitoring your data. 

This VPN fights to defeat bandwidth throttling, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your streams when using your phone to watch online content. This also makes ExpressVPN the ideal option for those who want to stay safe when playing online games on their phone. To ensure that you’re connected to the most optimal server and getting the fastest speeds at all times, you can make use of ExpressVPN’s built-in speed test feature.

ExpressVPN has a comprehensive blog that’s packed with how-to guides, discussions, and news. Furthermore, if you want assistance with the setup of the VPN on your phone then you can either check out the support center for step-by-step tutorials, or contact ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer support team

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The best option for advanced security and ease of use on your phone. 

Number of servers – 5300+

Server countries – 60

Simultaneous connections – 6

No-logs policy – Yes

Supported devices – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

NordVPN is another spectacular VPN that can provide you with the ultimate protection for your phone. With thousands of worldwide servers, NordVPN can make geo-unblocking a breeze. Even if you’re a complete newbie to the VPN world, this provider makes it easier and quicker than ever to connect to a server and secure your device. All it takes is a single click, and you’re automatically connected to one of the many available servers through NordVPN’s user-friendly app.  

This VPN prioritises user security with advanced features such as MFA, a kill switch, private DNS with leak protection, split tunnelling support, dedicated IP, and double VPN protection. These features, alongside NordVPN’s military-grade encryption, ensure that your data is never exposed to cybercriminals or third parties, even when you use your phone to connect to public WiFi networks. 

NordVPN has a no-logs policy, so you can rest assured that your sensitive information is concealed and you have the freedom to browse the web on your phone completely anonymously. This VPN even provides obfuscated servers that hide the fact you’re using a VPN, meaning that not even your ISP can discover your online activity. 

Learn how to install the NordVPN app on your phone using the provider’s tutorial center. You can also take a look at their YouTube channel for guides, how-tos, and tips. NordVPN has a dedicated support team who are around 24/7 to help resolve any issues or answer your questions. 

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