Python is a widely-used programming language that was first conceptualised in the late 1980s. Due to its simple syntax, large library, and ease of use, Python has become the number-one most-wanted coding language among developers and was even voted as  language of the year in 2021. Not only is Python easy-to-read, but it’s also incredibly powerful and has many frameworks, making it a fantastic programming language for web development. 

Despite its popularity, there are few web hosts that offer support for Python hosting. Even those that do sometimes have a lack of specialised support or inadequate resources that could lead to a poor-performing website. If you’re interested in Python web hosting but don’t want to navigate through endless options, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve thoroughly researched web hosts that support Python and created a list of the top three best choices. Our recommended web shots are all feature-rich, reliable, and budget-friendly, meaning that you’ll get a fantastic hosting experience without any of the extra hassle. So, keep reading to discover the best Python web hosting providers in 2022.

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The best Python hosting providers quick guide 

  1. A2 Hosting – Best overall choice 
  2. Bluehost – Ideal affordable option 
  3. Hostgator – For full-featured plans

What is Python hosting?

Python is an object-oriented programming language that was created by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum, and first released on February 20th, 1991. Rossum had the goal to develop an intuitive and easy-to-learn language that both experienced and novice users could quickly adapt to. 

Python has recently become one of the fastest-growing programming languages, and this is mainly due to the incredibly active and supportive community. Due to Python’s open-sourced nature, this community can constantly contribute to its development in addition to providing guides, tutorials, solutions, and other helpful resources. 

Python supports almost all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux/UNIX, and AIX. Additionally, users can run the same code on multiple platforms without needing to recompile it. Python is a fantastic language for creating web applications and many programmers favour it over other languages due to its versatility, simplicity, and readability.

What to look for in Python hosting providers

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding a suitable web host for Python hosting? Here are some of the key factors you should consider before making your decision – 

  • Python support – Of course, you need a web host that supports Python. Not only this, your hosting provider should also have plenty of resources available that offer information regarding configuring and running Python scripts and applications on their servers. Before committing to a provider, you can check out their knowledge base to see what kind of resources they have at hand. Additionally, you’ll want a web host that has a knowledgeable 24/7 support team who can quickly assist with any issues you might encounter. 
  • Root access – When hosting a website, you’ll need full root access in order to install necessary Python frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, and Flask. Root access also gives you administrative privileges to edit, install, and configure files without needing permission from your hosting provider. Typically experienced users will use root access to install third-party software, alter security settings, and complete other actions to optimise a server to suit their preferences. 
  • Value for money – Hosting a website doesn’t have to be super expensive, and nowadays many web hosts are often offering deals and discounts to attract new customers. However, do keep in mind that the most affordable web host is not always the best option. Inexpensive web hosts may seem ideal, but they may skimp out on certain features, or compromise resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. If you want a website with stable uptime and fast server speeds, then it’s usually worth spending a bit extra on a reputable web host. 

Our top recommended best Python hosting providers in 2022 

When it comes finding the best Python hosting providers, there are limited options available. Not all web hosts offer support for Python, which can make it difficult to make a decision. To help you out, we’ve researched and summarised the top three best hosting providers that support Python. Since the best Python hosting setups are VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and dedicated servers, we discuss the web host’s available plans for these hosting solutions. 

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an excellent web host that has built a strong reputation since 2001 and is renowned for its stable uptime, excellent customer service, and fantastic value for money. A2 fully supports Python hosting and has a wide selection of unmanaged dedicated and VPS hosting plans available. 

A2 Hosting has four unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. The basic Hyper 1 plan comes equipped with 16 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 2 TB SSD storage. Users can benefit from one free dedicated IP, up to 4 TB of local drive backup, 4.6 GHz clock speed, and CloudFlare compatibility. Of course, with all unmanaged hosting plans, you’ll get SSH root access in addition to instant server activation and reinforced DDoS protection. 

For budget-friendly hosting, you can instead opt for one of A2’s unmanaged VPS hosting plans. The mid-tier Runway 2 plan gives you 2 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD storage, and 2 CPU cores. With this plan, you’re permitted one free dedicated IP, a cPanel control panel licence, 24/7 network monitoring, and SSH root access. For unbeatable site speeds, you can upgrade to the Supersonic 8 plan to access A2 Hosting’s turbo boost servers. These high-speed servers have 3x reading/writing speeds, a 40% faster CPU performance, and can handle up to 9x more traffic. This can guarantee drastically reduced page loading times which can improve your SEO rankings and increase your conversion rate. 

A2 Hosting has an impressive 99.9% uptime commitment, meaning that your website will likely have next to no downtime throughout the entire year. This web host also has outstanding server response times, even without the turbo boost server. Overall, with this provider, you can expect a fast, responsive, and functional website. 

For any issues or queries, you can contact A2’s expert 24/7 customer support team via phone or live chat. Alternatively, you can head to the provider’s extensive knowledge base for tutorials, guides, and other helpful resources. There is also a collection of articles especially for Python web hosting, so you can find out more information about Python script files and learn about how to install and configure various Python frameworks

Try one of A2 Hosting’s dedicated or VPS Python hosting plans for free for 30 days with their money-back guarantee!  

  1. Bluehost 

Bluehost is a highly affordable web host that provides a reliable service, robust plans, and terrific page loading speeds. With a competitive uptime guarantee of 99.98%, this Bluehost is another fine choice for hosting your website. This provider uses the preinstalled version of Python that ships with CentOS and offers a range of dedicated and VPS hosting plans that fully support this programming language. 

Bluehost has three dedicated hosting plans, including their recommended Enhanced plan. This plan provides users with 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 8 CPU threads, 10 TB network bandwidth, and 2.5 GHz clock speed. Bluehost allows users to increase their server storage at any time without any assistance needed. This web host uses RAID1 storage for additional data protection and provides users with a free SSL certificate which protects any customer’s personal information. Additionally, users are offered one-year free domain, 4 dedicated IPs, and improved cPanel support with optional full root access. 

Alternatively, Bluehost has three VPS hosting plans available. The VPS Enhanced plan offers 2 CPU cores, 60 GB SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses. With all of Bluehost’s VPS plans you can host unlimited domains and websites, and of course, you have full root access control. There are also various add-ons that can be purchased alongside any of Bluehost’s plans including specialised SEO tools, the CodeGuard Basic plan, and access to the web host’s robust security tool, Sitelock Security

Bluehost has a vast knowledge base where users can find informative how-tos and FAQs in addition to configuration, setup, and troubleshooting guides. In this knowledge base, you’ll also find information such as how to download and install the latest Python version. If you happen to encounter any errors, or otherwise need further assistance, then you can contact Bluehost’s helpful 24/7 support team through phone or live chat. 

Try out one of Bluehost’s dedicated or VPS Python hosting plans for free for 30 days with their money-back guarantee

  1. Hostgator

Hostgator is another reliable, fast, and efficient web host that offers feature-rich hosting plans at a low cost. This web host has a superb average uptime of 99.98% as well as impressively fast server response times. Hostgator fully supports Python web hosting and can provide users with unbeatable customer support to ensure that their website set up goes smoothly and without any issues. 

Hostgator has three powerful dedicated hosting plans with the option to be full or semi-managed. The recommended Power Server plan provides users with 16 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, 16 CPU threats, 2 TB HDD, 512 GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth. Users are also granted full root access and can choose between cPanel and WHM on Linux or Plesk and Webmatrix on Windows. Hostgator also offers 3 dedicated IPv4 IPs, advanced DDoS protection, manual/scheduled backups, dedicated resources, and free content transfers.  

There are also three available VPS hosting plans, including Hostgator’s recommended Snappy 4000 plan. This plan includes 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 165 GB SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. Users can benefit from weekly off-site backups, 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited MySQL databases, cPanel/WHM support, free content transfers, unlimited email accounts, centralised DDoS protection, and, of course, full root access control. Hostgator makes it incredibly easy to scale websites on-the-go, so users can swiftly add additional RAM, CPU, or disk space to their plan. 

This web host has a comprehensive knowledge base that’s crammed with helpful tips, guides, and FAQs. Additionally, you can head to their YouTube channel for step-by-step tutorials and feature overviews. Hostgator also has a range of resources especially for Python hosting in addition to a proficient 24/7 customer support team who are available via live chat and phone. 

Try out one of Hostgator’s dedicated or VPS Python hosting plans for free for 45 days with their money-back guarantee