The special Linux distribution Tails 5.1 was delayed for almost a week because the team was waiting for Tor Browser 11.0.14. A security vulnerability in the JavaScript engine in the Firefox-based browser has now been fixed and a specially prepared website could access data through the security gap. 

Changes and innovations in Tails 5.1

There are even more changes in the Linux distribution, which routes all traffic through Tor (The Onion Router). The team has improved the Tor connection wizard. Here is an overview of the new features:

  • The Tor Connection Wizard adjusts the computer clock if you choose to connect to Tor automatically. According to their own statements, it is now easier for people in Asia to circumvent censorship. Tails grabs the time by connecting the system to Fedora ‘s Captive Portal Detection Service . This is used by most Linux distributions. This connection does not go through the Tor network and is an exception to the policy that all internet connections must go through the Tor network.
  • The time displayed in the menu is currently chosen by the Tor Connection wizard and you cannot change it. With a function planned for the future, you can set the time zone yourself and also store it in permanent memory.
  • The last window of the verb-finding assistant clearly shows whether you are connected via Tor-Bridges or not.

Unisecure browser and captive portal

There’s a new Insecure Browser home page for when you’re not connected to the Tor network. The new version makes it easier for you to log on to a so-called captive portal.

Tails 5.1 makes captive portals easier to use (

Tails 5.1 makes captive portals easier to use (

In addition, Tails now wants a confirmation if the insecure browser was not activated in the welcome screen and a restart would be necessary.


Kleopatra can now be found in ‘Favourites’ and you can use it to open OpenPGP files in the file manager. You just have to click on .gpg files to decrypt them.

Software and upgrade included in Tails 5.1

Here is a short list of the software included in Tails 5.1:

  • Tor has been updated to
  • Tor Browser  11.0.14 in which the vulnerability has been fixed
  • Thunderbird  91.9.
  • Linux kernel 5.10.113. As always, this upgrade should support newer hardware.

Upgrading from Version Tails 5.0 is fairly easy. Start the system and you will get a message that there is an updated version. Follow the instructions and the system will do the rest.

Tails 5.1 is available now

Tails 5.1 is available now

An upgrade from 4.x is not possible because the underlying Debian has received a version jump.

Further information can be found in the official announcement!

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