The award-winning anthology series, The Twilight Zone, has fascinated, disturbed, and entertained audiences for over 60 years! The intriguing stories presented in each episode, covering themes such as horror, science fiction, and fantasy, have definitely withstood the test of time as this series has maintained a widespread fanbase of all ages and demographics. 

Sadly, despite its popularity, The Twilight Zone is only available in a select few countries. If you live outside of the UK, US, or Canada, then there are currently no streaming platforms that are broadcasting this series in your country. This geo-blocking can be incredibly frustrating for both longtime fans and first-time watchers of the legendary series. Luckily though, we do have a solution that enables you to freely stream The Twilight Zone from any country! 

If you’re keen to watch all five seasons of The Twilight Zone then you’ll need a VPN to spoof your location. Using a VPN, your IP address is temporarily replaced by that of a remote server’s, tricking websites into thinking you’re located elsewhere. By doing this, you can dodge geo-restrictions and unblock all online content from around the world. Keep reading to discover more on how to watch The Twilight Zone from anywhere using a VPN.  

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Other online content that you can use a VPN to unblock and stream includes the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Shooter!

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How to watch The Twilight Zone from anywhere quick guide

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow this simple guide to unblock The Twilight Zone and stream the series from any country in the world using a VPN. All it takes is a few minutes!

  1. Choose a VPN

    To stream The Twilight Zone you need a VPN with plenty of worldwide servers, strong encryption, and fast connection speeds. (We highly recommended CyberGhost!)

  2. Install app/client

    Once you’ve chosen a suitable VPN, download the app or client on any devices you want to stream from. Next, open up the app/client.

  3. Connect to a server

    You need to connect to one of the available servers that are located in a country where The Twilight Zone is being broadcasted. (We have a full list below!)

  4. Start streaming

    Now head to a streaming platform to start enjoying all exciting episodes of The Twilight Zone!

Top tip – If your access to this series is still blocked then try clearing your browser’s cache, disconnecting, then reconnecting to a different VPN server!


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Which streaming platforms are broadcasting The Twilight Zone?

Here are all the streaming services that are currently broadcasting all seasons of The Twilight Zone, along with their respective countries that they have the rights to stream in. 

Why do I need a VPN to watch The Twilight Zone?

If you’re not located in any of the above countries, then unfortunately you will be unable to access and stream The Twilight Zone without the use of a VPN. Many streaming services are restricted to broadcasting within a select country or region and will therefore make their content unavailable to those located elsewhere. 

Your IP address, which is a unique string of numbers that are assigned to your device, determines your exact location in the world. As your IP is shared with every website you visit, these websites are then able to pinpoint which country you’re in and block you accordingly. So, for example, if you are located outside of the UK, then NowTV will block you from streaming its content. This is known as geo-blocking and affects all streaming platforms, as well as other services, websites, and apps. 

The only way to bypass this geo-blocking is by masking your IP address, which can only be done using a VPN. With a VPN, you can connect to a remote server that’s located elsewhere in the world. When connected, all your internet traffic will be redirected through the server before reaching the desired website (e.g NowTV). 

The VPN server will act as the source of your traffic by hiding your IP address and replacing it with its own. Therefore, if you connect to a server that is based in the UK, for example, then the server’s UK IP address will be shown to websites rather than your own. Due to this, any website you visit will be tricked into believing that you’re located whether the VPN server is. 

Using this trick, you can access any geo-blocked content such as The Twilight Zone within just a few minutes. All you need to do is download a VPN app on your device and connect to any server that’s based where your chosen streaming platform has the rights to broadcast. You can then freely access all geo-restricted content from any country in the world. It really is as easy and straightforward as this! 

What is the best VPN for unblocking The Twilight Zone?

To unblock The Twilight Zone and stream this series in top quality, you need a fast, secure, and reliable VPN. A VPN that we highly recommend for this is Cyberghost, and here’s why.


CyberGhost is a highly affordable and dependable VPN that can swiftly unblock geo-restricted content such as The Twilight Zone with little to no hassle. This provider offers super-fast connection speeds, industry-leading encryption, and plenty of additional bonuses, all of which can promise you an exceptional streaming experience.

This VPN has over 7000 servers available in 90 countries, so you will have no trouble bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing region-blocked content. Each server also has DNS and IP leak protection to help keep you and your data secure when connected. Other security features provided by CyberGhost include military-grade AES-256 encryption, an automatic kill switch, and secure protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard.

With your CyberGhost subscription, you’ll also have access to the VPN provider’s ad-blocking technology. When enabled, this feature will block ads on every web page you visit before they even load which will drastically speed up page load times and save you precious mobile data. This feature also prevents you from accidentally visiting malware-infected websites, so you can browse the web trouble-free and safely stream content such as The Twilight Zone.

CyberGhost values its users’ privacy and therefore abides by a strict no-logs policy. In short, this policy means that the VPN will not track or store sensitive user information such as IP addresses, browsing history, bandwidth usage, session information, and timestamps. A no-logs policy will prevent your data from ever being revealed to your ISP or third-parties and in turn guarantee you ultimate online privacy.

You can download CyberGhost on any major operating system including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. This VPN is also available on Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and gaming consoles. Alternatively, you can install CyberGhost on your router to protect your entire home network. With CyberGhost, you can connect up to seven devices simultaneously at no extra cost, meaning that all your family can protect and stream from their preferred devices!

Overall, CyberGhost is the ideal VPN for circumventing geo-restrictions and streaming all seasons of The Twilight Zone from the comfort of your own home. The next-level security measures provided by this VPN will also ensure that you stay protected from nosy third parties, hackers, and malware. CyberGhost’s lightning-fast connection speeds also means that you can stream this series in top-quality without experiencing any buffering or other interruptions. What more could you want from a VPN?


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What is The Twilight Zone?

The Twilight Zone is an anthology television series that was created and presented by American screenwriter, Rod Sterling. Each episode is a stand-alone story where characters are faced with surreal and often disturbing experiences. The Twilight Zone is regarded as one of the best TV series of all time and was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards with two wins. Rod Serling also received a Golden Globe Award in 1963 for best TV producer due to his work on The Twilight Zone series. 

What genre is this series?

All episodes of The Twilight Zone have varying genres including fantasy, horror, suspense, psychological thriller, supernatural, dystopian, and science fiction. 

How many seasons does The Twilight Zone have? 

There are five seasons of The Twilight Zone and a total of 156 episodes! Season one premiered in 1959 and the series concluded 4 years later in 1963. 
Also, in 1985, the first of three revivals of the original series was released and consisted of three seasons. The second revival was then broadcasted on UPN in 2002 with a further 43 episodes and the most recent incarnation was premiered in 2019 with two seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. 

Is The Twilight Zone on Netflix?

Sadly, The Twilight Zone is currently unavailable on Netflix in all countries and regions. There is no way of knowing when or if this series will reappear on Netflix, so we advise you choose one of the alternative streaming platforms that we recommended (NowTV, Hulu, CBS, & Paramount Plus).