Tor project is incredibly important for whistleblowers and anyone who wants to remain anonymous on the web. Developers make several hundred changes to Tor Browser every year and these updates need to be thoroughly tested to avoid data leaks and other issues..

A few volunteers are already testing the alpha versions for all platforms ( Linux, Android, macOS and Windows) and, since it’s important for the project to have lots of testers with different platforms from various different countries, Tor Project is on the hunt for more volunteers.

Check out the official announcement for more information!

How to become an alpha tester for Tor Browser

Simply follow these steps to become a Tor Browser alpha tester!

  1. Read through the guide

    First, you need to read the guide on how to become an alpha tester.

  2. Download the alpha version of Tor Browser

    Download and test the alpha version of the software. The browser is also available in German and for the operating systems Linux, macOS and Windows as well as Android.

  3. Report found bugs

    If you found a bug, check if it also occurs in the stable version. If this is the case, there is a general problem with Tor Browser and you should follow these steps. However, if the error does not occur in the stable version, then it seems that only the alpha version is affected and you report the bug in the forum in the Tor Browser Alpha Feedback category.

But you must be aware that you are using an unstable version of the Tor browser, so errors can occur. Only use the browser for testing and don’t take any risks.

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