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Enable Chromecast support in web browser Chromium

Linux Mint has added the web browser Chromium to its repositories (according to their monthly news). Also, for LMDE the browser is already in the repositories of Debian but it’s not the newest version. Therefore, the developers of Linux Mint are building a Debian package as well. An installation is easy, the package is called…

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What is the best VPN for streaming? The answer is simple!

Basically the question “What is the best VPN for streaming?” can be answered relatively easily. This is of course any VPN that is fast enough to meet the minimum requirements of streaming providers. Of course, it depends strongly on the image quality you want to stream. A stream in SD needs much less bandwidth than…


IP addresses of your ISP – how often do they change on average?

An interesting study called Don’t count me out: On the relevance of IP addresses in the tracking ecosystem looked at how often the IP addresses allocated by the ISP change. The study looked at several thousand IP addresses in ten countries around the world. The following countries are included in the study: Switzerland, France, Great…


NordVPN Test 2021 — Security, Speed, Advantages — DISCOUNT!

NordVPN is a VPN provider that provides a complete package. The value for price is excellent. The VPN provider does not make any compromises in terms of security. In my opinion the VPN is also one of the best VPNs for Linux — I will explain why further down. But NordVPN (big discounts NOW)* is…