The Steam Hardware survey results are in, here is what we found out –

In terms of market share, Linux has shrunk by -0.02% to 1.12%, although this can be seen as a measurement error. What’s quite interesting, though, is that Arch Linux has ousted Ubuntu from the top spot.

Steam Hardware Survey

Steam Survery’s May 2022 results

It is also interesting that Arch Linux 64-bit has hardly grown, but Ubuntu has simply shrunk.

However, the attentive reader will note that Arch is only ahead of Ubuntu, as some have migrated from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04. If I add the Ubuntus and the Linux Mint derivative, I get 0.29% – if I add Arch Linux and the Manjaro based on it, I’m at 0.26% and thus just under.

I would be interested to know if Steam Deck is included in this poll or not. As soon as the Steam Deck ships worldwide, this statistic should be thrown into confusion because Valve’s portable game console relies on Arch as its operating system.

Just looking at the Linux numbers, SteamOS Holo 64-bit stands out. This is SteamOS 3 without the Steam Deck and you can find more information on GitHub. Though I’m not 100% sure about that. Steam recently updated Steam Deck and integrated the survey. The data may actually come from Steam Deck.

See the full survey results now

If you want to browse the Steam Hardware survey yourself and find out what the most used graphics card is and so on – here are the statistics. For Linux only, AMD tops the list as a GPU – but for the overall stats, it’s NVIDIA.

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