The portable Arch Linux based game console Steam Deck will be released soon. It should take about 3 weeks. Now a small race has started to see how many games will run on it. According to SteamDB, there are currently already over 130 games that are verified for Steam Deck.

I would say that nothing stands in the way of a successful launch. A few more games should be verified before the official release. Also, some  unverified game can still work. However, the 130+ listed titles are verified to run safely on the gaming console.


Games confirmed for Steam Deck

Some popular games confirmed for Steam deck include Portal 2, Dishonoured, Cuphead, God of War, Sekiro, and Dark Souls 3. 

There’s another filter called Steam Deck Playable that lists titles that are not officially verified, but they do run on Steam Deck. If you combine the two filters, you get almost 250 games!

Screenshot from StreamDB

Some games that not verified but still playable on Steam Deck