At the last NextGov Hackathon , developer Arne Hartman made the Nextcloud Maps collaborative. What does that mean? You can now share the Maps app with friends, family and so on and plan a trip or use the app.

You can now use Nextcloud Maps together (Source:

ou can now use Nextcloud Maps together (Source:

You can add friends and family members from the sidebar and then share the corresponding routes or maps with them. In addition to viewing these cards, you can also comment on them. So you can plan a trip with several people.

It is also possible to share your current location. The best thing to do is watch the video about the new Nextcloud Maps app, which you can find in the official announcement . In it, the winner of the NextGov Hackathon explains exactly how you use Nextcloud Maps together with other people.

I keep experimenting with the app and sometimes enter my trips there. But the software is getting better and better and I should use it more. With more features, the private maps app is also more fun.

Incidentally, your maps and routes are stored as .gpx files in a Maps folder . There, Nextcloud Maps reads the files and you can display them. If you delete a route there, it is of course gone.

Operation is not yet completely round and logical, but as already mentioned, the app is getting better and better.

Nextcloud Maps installation

You can find the program normally in your apps. There you can install and activate Nextcloud Maps with just one click.

The software uses OpenStreetMap and Leaflet . You can choose between standard map, satellite map, topographic map, dark mode and even watercolor!

You can save your favorites and this information is then private and is not on Google Maps.

A synchronization with GNOME Maps and mobile apps is planned. You can find all further information about this app in the store.

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