Yesterday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new version of the Raspberry Pi OS – 2022-01-28. According to the changelog, the developer team fixed several bugs and added new features.

For example, you can now set a resolution for VNC connections in the graphical configuration. That’s pretty nifty, because, until now, the process was fairly complex. This option is also available in the terminal tool raspi-config.

Since we are talking about VNC, the operating system automatically disables Mother when the VNC server is running and uses OpenBox as a fallback option.

In raspi-config you will also find an option to switch to legacy camera mode.

The current version uses Linux 5.10.92 as kernel. 7z and zip support is now available in the Lite image. The development team has also added gnome-keyring to the desktop image.

Download Raspberry Pi OS 2022-01-28 now

As usual, you can find the latest version of the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi in the download section of the project page.

The following images are available:

  • Desktop
  • Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software
  • Lite (without graphical user interface, for headless use)

Of course you can also use the Raspberry Pi Imager to get the latest version this way.

Download options for the newest Raspberry Pi OS.

Raspberry Pi 2022-01-28 via Imager

You can find all new features and changes in the release notes.

VPN for Pi

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