The latest issue, MagPi #114, is not only about Practical Programming, but also offers Maker Tools for all ages.

The focus of Practical Programming introduces, among others, Thonny. But the article also deals with the question – which programming language should you learn? This article touches on beginner topics and informs you of the basics of programming

MagPi Issue 114

The PDF of MagPi #114 is available to download for free 

As usual, there are many other interesting articles in the magazine. The sunrise lamp interested me because I made something similar with a Raspberry Pi – but in my case it is a night light that switches to dusk.

The pneumonia detector which consists Raspberry Pi 4, along with a Raspberry Pi Camera, is also incredibly interesting. Is there anything Pi can’t do?!

I also find it exciting how you can monitor your plants with different sensors. This will enable you to identify whether the soil is too dry, for example. An additional tip is to install a camera and take a photo every 10 minutes, so you can watch the plant grow through a time lapse.

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As usual, you get the magazine as PDF by following this link. You’ll be given the choice to leave a small donation or to just download the magazine for free..

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