In December 2021, the project received donations from 730 people and 695 in January 2022. The team is very happy about these donations, stating that they are highly motivational in addition to being a huge financial help. 

In January 2022, Linux Mint 20.3 was released, becoming the last version from the series 20.x., which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. There are already plenty of ideas for the new development cycle as the team want to improve existing components. Currently, the developers are working on moving Cinnamon’s window manager and JavaScript interpreter to newer versions of mutter and GJS.

Linux Mint after installation.

Begin upgrading to Linux Mint 20.3 now!

Work on LMDE 5 continues

The Linux Mint Debian Edition is not being developed on a whim. It’s intended to be as identical as possible to the main version, but is based on Debian and not Ubuntu. The team is learning a great deal from working on LMDE and understand the importance of this project.

Work on LMDE 5 began in early January. LMDE 4 was already on par with Mint 20.2, and LMDE 5 is based on Debian 11, with the software being more up-to-date than Ubuntu 20.04. However, this isn’t a disadvantage because it already highlights some of the challenges that will come with Linux Mint 21.

A beta version should be coming soon – all backports and packages are already in the starting blocks. The ISO of LMDE 5 boots and installs without any problems.

Linux Mint interface

LMDE 5 will be ready soon (Source:

There is still a small list of bugs that the team wants to fix before the project goes to QA. Perhaps the team will add some additional features to the install wizard, check the upgrade mechanism, and take care of the GNOME screenshot utility. There are also likely problems to arise with the jump from 3.36 to 3.38, delaying the release. A beta will, however, be available this month.

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