As usual, Linux Mint has a monthly report that informs users about ongoing developments, sponsors, and other important updates. The team also uses this as a chance to thank the developers and other helpers.

Timeshift as XApp

The system snapshots are an important part of the update strategy. Timeshift has been part of the system for a long time and the strategy is: take a snapshot, import updates or upgrades. If something doesn’t work, you can jump back to an earlier point in time.

In Linux Mint monthly report, it has ben announced that the developer of Timeshift (Tony George) ran out of time for the project and the Linux Mint team has agreed to take over the development.

Timeshift as XApp (source:

Timeshift as XApp 

Timeshift is therefore now maintained as an XApp and the translations are made via Launchpad.

Blueman replaces Blueberry

The XApp Blueberry was effectively a missing Cinnamon frontend for GNOME Bluetooth. The tool has served its purpose for seven years, but now it’s time for a change.

However, since version 42, GNOME Bluetooth is no longer compatible with Blueberry. The team would have to do a lot of work to make the tool fit for the new version.

Blueman does not depend on GNOME Bluetooth and is a GTK frontend for the Bluez Bluetooth stack. That’s why Linux Mint is now using this program.

Blueman will replace Bueberry (Source:

Blueman will replace Blueberry 

The interface is more complex, but there are also far more features. The Blueman and Mint developers have been working together for two years to jointly improve the program. In Linux Mint 21, Blueman will be used by default.

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