Good news! The Full Circle Magazine 181 is now available! You can download it for free as a PDF or ePub.

In this issue you can read a  review of Puppy Slacko 7. This is a minimalistic Linux distribution based on Slackware. I found this an incredibly interesting read!

Full Circle Magazine 181
Full Circle Magazine 181 – Download for free now!

Here’s the full list of what’s in store this month:

  • Command & Conquer
  • How To : Python, Blender and Latex
  • Graphics: Inkscape
  • Everyday Ubuntu : KDE Science Pt.2
  • Micro This Micro That
  • Review: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Review : Puppy Linux Slacko 7
  • My Story : My Journey To Ubuntu 22.04
  • Ubport’s Touch
  • Ubuntu Games : The Darkside Detective

Full Circle Magazine is a free, independently run PDF magazine that is released every month. It was first founded by Ronnie Tucker in 2007 and is currently available in over 23 languages. This magazine generally covers the Ubuntu operating system and includes content such as news, product reviews, how-to guides, and troubleshooting tips. Full Circle also have a Twitter and Facebook page that allows users to start up-to-date which the latest releases.

Reading Full Circle Magazine #181 

If you are interested in checking out this issue of Full Circle Magazine, then you can download it from here

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