Debian 11.4 is the fourth stable release of the Bullseye branch. In this version there are only bug and security fixes. Among other things, the packages for the Apache web server and the ClamAV virus scanner have been updated.

In the official announcement , the team points out that this is not a new version of Debian 11. So you do n’t have to dispose of existing Bullseye media. You can continue to install from it and then import the updates online.

If you frequently download updates from, you only need to update a few packages. According to their own statements, most of the updates are included in this revision.

There are new installation images anyway and you can find them in the download area of ​​the project page.

Existing installations can be migrated to Debian 11.4 by pointing the package management system to one of the project’s many HTTP mirrors. A full list of mirrors is available at:

Debian GNU/Linux is an important basis for many other operating systems. Among other things, the current version of Raspberry Pi OS is based on Bullseye .

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