The e-book management software Caliber has made a big version leap 1.5 years after 5.0. You can now download Caliber 6.0 for free . The highlight of the latest version is the full- text search . Caliber can now optionally index all books in your library, allowing you to search your entire library for a word or phrase.

To use the new full-text search, click the FT button to the left of the search bar in caliber 6.0. Then you will get the option to index your books.

Depending on the number of books, it may take some time for indexing to complete. There are also options to make the process fast or slow.

Caliber 6.0 is indexing my books right now

Caliber 6.0 is indexing my books right now

New CPU architectures and 32-bit discontinued

Caliber 6.0 now also supports Apple’s new CPU architecture for macOS and ARM for Linux. In return, support for 32-bit CPUs has been discontinued. The reason given by the developer is that Qt no longer supports 32-bit CPUs. On Windows, the caliber installer automatically uninstalls the 32-bit version and replaces it with the 64-bit variant. You may need to update file or desktop shortcuts manually.

Caliber 6.0 reads to you

If you click on the “Read aloud” button in the controls in Calibre’s e-book viewer, the software will read the book text on the current page aloud to you. This works via the operating system’s text-to-speech engine.

calibre:// URLs

When you click on caliber:// URLs, caliber can perform various actions. You can use it to create links to individual books and even passages in books and access them from other programs. See the manual for more information .

Backwards incompatibilities

The developer points out a few backwards compatibilities that you should be aware of in Caliber 6.

Since caliber has migrated to Qt 6, various third-party plugins will no longer work until they are also ported to Qt 6.

However, the plug-in developers already had more than half a year to port their plug-ins. So most should be available.

If you are using both caliber 5 and caliber 6 with the same library, any books added with caliber 5 will not be automatically indexed for full-text search. So you have to create the index manually on a regular basis.

The program also no longer supports Windows 8. Qt 6 and Microsoft also no longer support the operating system.

Download Calibre 6.0

You can download Caliber 6.0 for free in the download area of ​​the project page . You can find the program for Linux, Windows and macOS.

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