eBooks are a convenient and hassle-free way to read your favourite books on the go. Whether you’re into fantasy, romance, horror, thriller, history, memoirs, autobiographies, textbooks, or anything in between, there are thousands of eBooks at your disposal. Although we always recommended that you support authors by purchasing their eBooks, this is not always an option. If you’re a typical bookworm or student then buying new titles can quickly become very expensive and sometimes eBooks are just not available from regular digital retailers. 

Luckily, thanks to torrenting, you can download and read eBooks from your laptop, phone, tablet, PC, or any other device for free. There are tons of different torrenting websites to choose from, with some being more secure and reliable than others. If you’re overwhelmed by your choices and you want to find out the safest torrent websites for eBooks, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done all the work for you by narrowing down to just three torrent sites, all of which are safe(as can be) to use and have plenty of eBooks to choose and download. So, keep reading to discover the best torrent websites for eBooks in 2022!

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Did you know? You can use torrent websites to download all kinds of media content including video games, movies, and music!

The best torrent websites for eBooks quick guide

  1. Library Genesis – Best overall choice
  2. Free-eBooks – Clean interface with tons of categories
  3. ThePirateBay – Massive content library

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What to look for when choosing a torrent site for eBooks

Choosing the right torrent website for your needs can be tricky. Some have insignificant content libraries, are clunky to use, or are even packed with malicious files. First and foremost, your chosen torrent website needs to be highly secure to reduce your risk of coming in contact with malware-ridden files. If you download a malicious file then you can cause irreversible damage to your device, have sensitive information stolen, and important files deleted, so it’s best to be cautious. 

The most secure torrent websites will have some form of system in place that detects and removes malicious files from their database. Websites that include comment sections are also a great choice as they allow torrenters to warn others if a particular file is dangerous. Comment sections also allow others to review uploads, so you can find out if a file is high-quality or not before downloading it. 

Putting safety aside, another important factor to consider when choosing a torrent site for eBooks is its visitor count. Generally, the more daily, weekly, and monthly visitors a torrent site has, the better its seeder-to-leecher ratio is. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, don’t worry! Put simply, a seeder is someone who fully downloads a file and has chosen to share (seed) it for others to also download. Seeders ensure that a file can be quickly downloaded, so you will, in most cases, want to choose files that have the most seeders. Alternatively, a leecher is someone who fully downloads a file but chooses not to share (seed) it for others. Leechers will slow down a file’s download time, so you should avoid files that have a high percentage of leechers. 

Finally, to ensure that you find the exact eBooks you’re looking for, you need to use a torrent website that has a substantial content database. It’s also important that your chosen torrent site is easy to navigate, so you can easily browse through new and popular uploads. The best torrent websites will have plenty of categories that organise all eBook files as well as an intuitive search feature that will help you find the exact eBook that you’re after. Overall, when finding a torrent website for eBooks, we recommend that you opt for a site that is highly secure, regulated, easy to use, and has tons of files to choose from!

Our top recommended best torrent websites for eBooks in 2022

As we’ve already concluded, the best torrent sites for eBooks will have a large content library, clean interface, and fantastic seeder-to-leecher ratios. With this in mind, we’ve researched and handpicked the top three best torrent websites for you to download eBooks from. All our recommendations are highly secure, dependable, and easy to navigate, so even if you’re new to torrenting, you’ll have no trouble finding and torrenting exactly what you’re looking for. So, let’s take a look at our top recommendations – 

  1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis (LibGen) is a trustworthy torrent site that lists millions of eBooks such as academic articles, journals, magazines, and general-interest titles. Library Genesis is very safe and gives users the option to either torrent or download files. If you’re not bothered by a basic UI and are after high-quality eBooks, the LibGen is definitely your best option. 

As the site is maintained by librarians who volunteer to scan for malicious files, LibGen is one of your safest options for torrenting eBooks. Of course, as with any other torrent website, LibGen is still at risk of listing spam or malware-ridden files, but with a supportive community and dedicated volunteers, the site manages to detect and remove dangerous uploads before users download them. 

LibGen has a useful interface that helps you find exactly what eBook you’re after. You can either check out new and popular uploads or narrow your search down by title name, author, topic, edition, year, or publisher. Users can also submit requests for specific titles that are not yet uploaded in the LibGen database. Additionally, there is a news section and a forum where users can discuss uploads or request new features and improvements. Overall, LibGen is an outstanding option for those interested in using a torrent site for eBooks due to its impressive database, dedicated volunteers, and easy-to-navigate interface.

  1. Free-eBooks

As the name suggests, Free-eBooks is a lesser-known but still brilliant torrent website for eBook lovers who want to find eBooks for free. With tons of different categories, great security measures, and high-quality uploads, Free-eBooks makes it safe and simple to find a new eBook to download and read from anywhere. 

Free-eBooks has an incredible amount of categories to search through, so if you don’t have a particular title in mind, then you could kill hours searching through all the options. You can choose a fiction title from genres such as Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi Fantasy, Children, and Mystery, or a non-fiction title from genres such as Animals, Beauty, Fashion, Career, Health, Recipes, Marketing, Military, Philosophy, Web design, Self-improvement, or Travel. There’s also an academic category with various sub-categories (Engineering, Gender Studies, Economics, Medical, History, Geography, Technology, Religion) and a whole range of textbooks (Business, Law, Science, Mathematics, Computer Science).  

Users are able to check previews of most uploads, see how many times files have been downloaded, and read comments/reviews left by others. You’ll also have the option to sort uploads by their rating (out of five stars) to ensure you’re downloading files that are legitimate and do not contain any malware. All in all, Free-eBooks is a great option for those who want to browse through different eBooks before downloading. 

  1. ThePirateBay

ThePirateBay is an incredibly popular torrent website that was founded in 2003 and has since built up a fantastic reputation. This site receives around 30 million monthly visitors and has an incredibly supportive community which has led to a massive database of content, including tons of eBooks. 

With so many users contributing to ThePirateBay, you can expect a seemingly infinite selection of eBooks files with most having great seeder-to-leecher ratios. This means you’ll not only find exactly what you’re looking for, but you’ll also get to download any file in record time. This site’s interface is fairly basic but easy to navigate, making it well-suited to those who are new to the torrenting world. You can either choose to browse eBook files only or use the search bar to find a specific title. As well as eBooks, ThePirateBay’s database contains files for movies, music, video games, audiobooks, comics, apps, and more. 

When it comes to security, ThePirateBay makes a terrific effort to protect its users. If safety is your main concern, then this site is definitely your best choice. ThePirateBay aims to promote safe uploads with a reputation system that labels all uploaders with different coloured skull icons. For instance, verified and trusted users have a pink skull, long-time uploaders who consistently contribute high-quality uploads have a green skull, and members who actively help protect the site from scams, spam, fake files, and malware have a blue skull. When you search or browse through files, you can check the uploader’s skull icon to determine how safe a particular file is, enabling you to avoid malware-ridden eBook uploads. 

Protect yourself when torrenting eBooks

Although the torrent websites we have recommended are all well-known for being safe and secure, there are still risks that you should be aware of when torrenting eBooks and other forms of media.

Cybercriminals notoriously conceal malware such as spyware, viruses, trojans, and worms in torrent files that, when downloaded, can infect your device and cause permanent damage. Additionally, whenever you use peer-to-peer (P2P) software, your IP address and other sensitive information is exposed, leaving you vulnerable to various threats and privacy issues. 

Torrenting can also result in your suffering with sub-par connection speeds due to bandwidth throttling. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) detects that you’re participating in a heavy-bandwidth activity such as torrenting, then they may throttle your bandwidth by deliberately slowing down your connection speeds. This can lead to downloads taking an excessive amount of time to complete as well as longer page loading times. 

To dodge these risks and enjoy a safe torrenting experience, we recommend that you use a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your internet traffic in an encrypted tunnel, allowing you to browse the web anonymously. Connecting to a VPN server before torrenting will prevent cybercriminals from tracking you and stop your ISP from spying on you. This will help you to avoid bandwidth throttling and ensure complete privacy when torrenting eBooks (and other media content). Many VPNs also provide built-in threat protection that will automatically scan all files and delete any that contain malicious software, so you don’t unknowingly infect your device when downloading torrent files. 

Overall, a VPN is the absolute best way to maintain privacy and protect yourself from risks that come with torrenting. If you’re interested in using a VPN to stay safe when torrenting eBooks, movies, video games, and music, then check out our informative article that reveals the best VPNs for torrenting in 2022!

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