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youtube-dl — because bans have always worked so well

Wow, the likeable lawyers of the even more likeable RIAA just had a great success — well done. They managed to ban the open-source software youtube-dl and various forks from GitHub. The only argument seems that that youtube-dl can bypass the rolling cipher of YouTube. This makes it possible to download videos and also the…

Raspberry Pi VPN

Best VPN for Linux — fast, affordable, safe, user-friendly 2021

The best VPN for Linux is actually a very difficult topic. I can’t possibly try hundreds of VPN providers to present you the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Linux. But I can tell you from my experience which VPNs work very well with Linux. It depends a bit on your requirements and demands. In…

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NordVPN trial version — does it exist? Sort of … this is how it works

Nobody likes to buy things without known if they work. This is especially true for products that are designed to protect your privacy and keep you anonymous. Data is the new gold. Big companies and authorities try to collect as much as possible. You want to defend yourself against this. There are many options to…